Guru Purnima – Full Moon of the Teacher

GuruPurnimaGuru Purnima, Full Moon of the Teacher or Guru Blessings… This is a day when disciples or students bow in gratitude and offer respect and worship for their spiritual teachers.

I L O V E to honour this particular Full Moon, it’s usually around my birthday and it is a time to for me to personally reflect upon another year and gives thanks. and I also love to play on the word, disciple for me it invokes discipline, i am a disciple to my own awakening, which is the discipline or commitment to my spiritual practice which is sadhana.

Who are your teachers?

how do you honour them?

a few years ago I taught a Guru Purnima, Full Moon of the teacher class that was deeply potent time for me, recorded it and it is available  with my Full Moon Sadhana- if you have you will hear my deepest respect and tears of gratitude. and so… Mine certainly is the Mother, MahaShakti, Divine Feminine, Durga, Kali – variations names for the One and same the feminine aspect of God, hence my quote from Anandamayi Ma

“the entire universe is the Guru. You are the Guru. there is nothing other than the One”

What is a Guru?

The Guru is teacher, who is the steady one::
Gu = darkness and Ru = light
so the guru is the one that removes the darkness and brings the darkness to light

Purnima is the Full Moon
Purna = fullness
Ma= mother

the phases of the moons have been my teacher for the last 26 years, as i deepen my cycle with her i became more in tune with my own cycle within the universal cycle. the Moon is the mistress of mystery cooking me through my sadhana. the cauldron is my pelvis, the wisdom of the womb that gives birth and re-births continually my deepest desire whatever phases i enter.

and so MahaShakti the creative sexual energy, in the form of the mother Moon on this Guru Purnima is the potent magic that seduces me deeper like a guru guiding me on the Journey. A journey thOnMyKneesat opens portals through the ever changing and evolving darkness to light to return to darkness. this is why I fear not the darkness – when life brings you to your knees, you are in the perfect position to pray, Rumi said this, and so when life brings you to your knees it may be challenging or dark, go into this fertile darkness let it be a great teacher that will give birth to light…just like the phases/faces of the Moon change -so do you.

and so on this day I bow in gratitude, immense loving respect to the One – Ma, Mother, MahaShakti

wit all my love to my teachers

Michelle x