Kiss Meditation

KISS MeditationI want to share with you the KISS Meditation, and yes KISS is an acronym, which you’ll learn what means in the video below

For 15 years I’ve meditated alone, with my eyes closed in front of my altar or not. Where as this meditation I am sharing is practiced with eyes open and can be done with another person. In fact I’ve found it is so beneficial to do exactly that…

A lot of people say that they are all calm and peaceful when they meditate alone and then when they go into life, people or situations pull them away from this. Is this true for you?

holy cowWhat I learnt from all my travels to India is, you need to find your calm in the most hectic of situations – that is meditation. I was taught by my teachers to go learn to meditate in chaos, then you’ll learn true meditation. In fact if you have been to India to somewhere like Varanasi or Delhi where it is so hectic, there are people meditating all around. Even the holy cows meditate in the middle of a bustling road!

So the Kiss Meditation assists you in connecting with yourself and others. It comes from an ancient Tantra mediation called soul gazing. In fact after my recent yoga retreat in India, the group of women connected so deeply with eachother, they began to connect at a soul level with each other. They said it was because of the KISS Meditation. I feel it is important to seek a way to connect with yourself at any moment and access your inner sense of bliss – ready to find out how to connect in a non sexual way.

What are you hungry for?

I’ve found people are hungry for a way to connect. This meditation deepens connection and intimacy with yourself and also another if you practice with a partner. You can even practice this with yourself in a mirror or use the video (below) and practice with me – it is so powerful.

This is the KISS Meditation and helps to satisfy people who are starving for a deeper way to connect. I practice this with my husband all the time and it helps us to communicate without words, let go of hurts as well as deeply connect and breath together. This ripples into our lives and all our relationships and we have a deeper sense of connection with all life.

so want to practice with me? follow this link for the KISS Meditation in YouTube and learn what KISS is an acronym stands for. or watch below

keep breathing blissfully (if you’ve been receiving my free tantra training emails you’ll know what I mean), and now we’ll kiss…

with love n gratitude

Michelle x