Love and Gratitude

Love and Gratitude are a beautiful marriage for life…

loveLove is not about getting connected, it’s about realising that you are already connected.
everyone of us are threads in the tapestry of life and your individual luminosity i s your unique thread that weaves and connects with the other threads to make the bigger picture of the tapestry shine!
‪#‎Love‬ is the unifying force that draws everything together and holds it in a relationship to something bigger. As we explored in Svadhisthana Chakra that everything is held within a relationship, it is love that is the unifying force. The task of the heart is to seek the balance in the relationship in all aspects: mind and body, self and other, light and shadow, masculine and feminine, inner and outer realms. The result of this balance is peace and Oneness.
what is your something bigger?
How does your love go beyond the words into the essence of ‪#‎Oneness‬?

gratitudeGratitude invites your heart to open. I am immersing myself in the practice of G r a t i t u d e at present as part of the ‪#‎anahata‬ chakra.
When you realise, truly embrace how much you are given in this life, when you feel it as a gift it as if you are is flooded with divine love.
‪#‎gratitude‬ is an expression of love for something or someone. Gratitude is something you also receive in your heart…
What do I mean?
Think about when in your day someone says something about you eg ‘your hair looks beautiful today’
What is your response?
Do you reply ‘ thank you very much, I like/love it too today’
Or do you shrug it off with oh no I don’t think…. Or feel… Or say no no it’s not…
Can you see which response receives appreciation and also expresses it?
To express gratitude to another for his or her thoughts deepens your appreciation of this quality. This is a big Shakti key.
Take time today to appreciate the light, the sun kissing your cheek, the caress of the wind on your skin, how food tastes, someone sharing a heartfelt moment with you. Even someone raging at you- what are they teaching you
In gratitude for you taking time to read, this post… I bow ??