Magical Weekend

This is a magical weekend and a time to honour the turning of the wheel of the year with Diwali beginning tomorrow, Amavasya ? on Sunday and the Samhain For MoonDay Magic ? why is this a magical weekend for me personally and how is it affecting me? My celtic roots honour Samhain, the cancerian moon maiden thtai am has followed the moon since my teenage years and i’n a practicing yogini and tantrika who honours the roots and myths and metaphors of the Hindu Pantheon.



“O friend, understand: the body is like the ocean, rich with hidden treasures. Open your innermost chamber and light its lamp” Mirabai

I honour the Moon cycles ??? as you know and love Diwali – the festival of light, this magical weekend invites you into your inner most chamber to light your lamps. Diwali honours the light illuminating the dark, or the light of higher knowledge that dispels the darkness of your doubts or fears. This festival with the new moon is an opportunity to set an intention to step into the sacred, invoke rituals and like with a new moon it is a time of a new cycle. This one a time to tend to the inner fire of transformation and bring any darkness to light with the inner alchemy and marriage of light and dark. Diwali is remembrance of the light in the dark winter months. Here in the tropics the seasons are more subtle, yet Yesterday (friday) i felt fried, over doing, on charge and in the end burnt out, the lamp was firing too much.

samhainAs the wheel turns the fertile darkness of the skies, bringing in winter with Samhain, I invite you to turn into the temple of your body to the darkness, with remembrance of your light, shine like a candle in the dark.

You see across the globe, different cultures celebrating the turning of the wheel of life and honouring the alchemy of the light and dark. I find this is auspicious for this magical weekend!

Preparation for a magical weekend…


I’ve been cleaning my home in all the 10 directions to invite the Goddess Lakshmi in. This is also symbolic for me polishing the light of my soul. I love rituals and metaphors and so as I light the diya lamps (picture) so She may find Her way, I am also lighting my own path to bring blessings of abundance, health and fertility to myself and all I touch with love. Since our home is named Shrim, the bija (seed) mantra of Lakshmi, I always honour this festival with prayer…

Now this magical weekend has so many ‘holy’days, the wheel turns, for Samhain and winter begins, the darkness comes and the dark skies of the  New Moon, Amavasya, honours this fertile darkness, for this cycle, light up with Diwali.

My practice is parinama – a folding within to offer out. To truly transform, to see the light, you need to take it in, sit with it then turn it into an offering from the inside out. This is winter. Tune into the darkness, the fertile soil of you being and plant seeds of intention for all to re-emerge and shine.

May your body be the vessel like the diya lamps, may the light illuminate the places you need to honour by revealing to you the bodies messages. take some time this magical weekend to go out and lay beneath the dark skies and in the darkness see the sparkling skies and there enquire :

diwali-lakshmi-ganeshwhat area in my life do I need to honour with the light of my pure awareness?

where may i bring transformation for this next cycle/

May you turn within and see the hidden treasures, and and open your inner most chamber and seek the light.  and their, let the metamorphosis shine the beauty of your soul…

Om Gam Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha

Blessings to you all

with love Michelle ॐ