Masculine Masks

Masculine Mask

The masculine Masks we wear, may appear feminine – let’s look deeper

It’d been a while since I wrote, because I have been offering Facebook Live videos and this week was entitled Masculine Masks! It’s all about inner alchemy. The process of Tantra that weaves together the polarities of the masculine and feminine.

I believe that the western woman is in a state of contraction. she’s been in competition with the masculine for so long, pushing, gripping, holding on, doing 1 million things at once – looking after children, partner, household, fast past career, single frustrated woman – any this sound familiar? So now she wears a masculine mask as protection.

There’s nothing wrong with this, and there is no judgement on my part either. I was her. Yet life’s awakening and Tantra empowered me to take off the mask and become a more embodied woman. Now I share how in this Facebook lIve video.

Facebook Live Masculine Mask Video 

Masculine-MasksYou’ll learn a little of my own story of taking off my masculine masks – there’s many of them and see the real, raw and naked (metaphoric) me. I’ll also share a potent powerful practice I use myself, in classes and on retreats.

I share with you about how the Lingham, meaning ‘wand of light’, which represents the masculine. and the Yoni, meaning ‘sacred space’ and represents the feminine are always in union. The lingham, the wand of light illuminates the sacred space of the yoni, then you receive his power. This, I know, is challenging for women. I had to learn how with my husband. The Osho quote at the end, truly is what my man did for me. and I’ll teach you everything I know to help empower you on your path of union with the masculine and feminine.

Why do we (women) wear Masculine Masks?

So before I tell you why or how we’ve learnt to wear these masks in the video. there’s as Simple solution to taking of the mask –  UN-DO THE DOING. This means do nothing, be. This for a woman releases oxytocin, the feel good love and bonding hormone, you have loads of when give birth, or have an orgasm or simply receive pleasure like in yoga – there’s a release… so that’s why I’m teaching you all about pleasure in form of Yoga with Tantra…

However the un-do the doing is hard as Women forgotten or separated from their essential true self.

In trying to hard to do everything like the Masculine, we trying to copy it, be in competition. Yet the feminine gives power with love, empowering you, by just being, releasing, surrendering.

Feminine power truly is creation, she’s the undressing of masks, and moves us from within. I yearn to show you how. and if you can’t meet me in person, then the next step is my weekly Facebook Live Pleasure Portal.

I hope this helps you, if you are a women to understand the possible why’s of your control, multi-tasking and endless to do lists. I smile as I write as this was me and it is so easy to slip into. However now I have practices that I immerse myself in to come back into the flow of my innate feminine. discover more in my video.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom ~ Anais Nin Masculine Masks… practice for the Modern Woman to step more into her power and blossom

Posted by Michelle Cross on Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Are you wanting to take off your masculine masks?

and learn how to un-do the doing in a feminine practice? Join me on retreat. there’s plenty of oxytocin release and you learn even more juicy tantra practices with me in person. The next retreat is in the UK in autumn. It’s called Awaken to your full potential  and is under my yoga events tab! I look forward to sharing immense pleasure with you.

…and men, hopefully this helps you understand your women. and I hear you too! you too were told to man up, grow some, don’t be sensitive and have to learn how to help your ladies who maybe wear the masculine masks. this quote by Osho is for all of you…

One of the deepest feminine pleasures
is when a man stands full, present, and unreactive
in the midst of his woman’s emotional storm. 
When he stays present with her,
and he loves her through the layers of wildness and closure,
then she feels his trustability
and she can relax