Mudra Flow

Mudra FlowKali/Bhairavi Mudra Flow

Ignite the transformation fire within with this mudra flow.

Kali is the fierce goddess and Bhairavi is another face of her, where she’s the kinda girl that takes no bulls**t!

She doesn’t apologise for speaking her truth. She’s blunt, direct and not such a ‘good’ girl.

If you think yoga is all sweetness and light and none of other states, then there is a denial somewhere…maybe that’s my kali/Bhairavi speaking. Yoga is embracing all of you, remember these gods and goddesses are different faces of the One


Bhairavi is the fire in your belly that metabolises your thoughts, ideas and emotions for you to use them for the greatest good…

BhairaviMudraLet’s Practice Mudra Flow

Take a seat or stand and bring your hands to prayer, Anjali Mudra, interlace your fingers then point the two index fingers up and cross the thumbs.

This is Kali/Bhairavi Mudra that invokes power and courage to transform igniting the fire with in to burn away your limitations, even the limitation of speaking up!
Now with Bhairavi Mudra thunderbolt your arms up to the heavens feel the courage in between your hands to ignite the fire of transformation churning in your sacred belly and let the flame begin to rise with each exhalation. Inhale invite the breath into your belly and as you exhale the breath rise up your body. This is the Tantra way of breathing circulating the breath.





Now, Inhale draw the hands of Bhairavi down in front of you like a sword of truth, to your heart level, exhale feel the fire of transformation at your heart, which is considered the altar in Tantra. Observe how kindling the flames of truth in the heart feels.


How does it feel?






Inhale bring Bhairavi Mudra in towards your heart, rest within the transformation.

maybe its intense, maybe its healing, either way feel into the feelings. they are portals deeper into the experience of you.


Mudra Flow evolves

Repeat a few times with the breath allowing which ever hand position to speak to you..

Where do you long to ignite the fire of transformation in your life?

Close by chanting
Om Swaha
This is an offering to the sacred fire
Om Swaha