My Favourite Yoga Music


My Favourite Yoga Music

I am often asked what tracks do I like to practice yoga with of what did I play, so now I am sharing some with you…all accessed on iTunes very easily

Om Kumara Mantra by Deva Premal & Miten = an all time favourite, any time I am in my head, this track gets me in my body, caresses me to move, to feel, the receive… essential for every woman!

Breath of Ma by Shamans Dream = intoxicating

Opening by Wah

ShivaShakti by Bliss

Om Kama Mantra / Deeper by Deva Premal & Miten

Samba Sadashiva by donna de Lory = exquisite, deep surrender

Karuna Sagaru by C.C. White = love love love!!!!!

Om Namah Shivaya by Donna De Lory = a classic love of mine

Shivoham By Anandmurti Gurumaa

AfterGlow by Ganesha India Lounge Affair

Message from the Hopi Elders by Majbritte Ulrikkeholm & Soren Frieboe

Gayatri Mantra by Masood Ali khan

Ancestors by Ganga Girl = YES! invokes affirmation…

Om Shreem Hreem by Indiajiva

Dakini by Aram Ram

Jai Hanuman by Shamans Dream = evocative

enjoy – that’ll keep you going

On YouTube there are two albums I love too all ready mixed and then you can buy from iTunes