Pancha MahaBhuta


I recently returned home to Barbados from the UK, and once again feel the one-ness with nature.

I visit the beach often, and it becomes a deeper ritual for me to become more intimately aware of the elements of nature; So I found this time I am truly attuning into the elements and so am going to share with you;

I feel the sand of the earth beneath my feet helping to ground and nurture me, I listen to the song of the ocean and the ebb and flow melodically humms, inviting me to quench my thirst for union, i feel the fire of the sun sometimes a sting to say observe more and other times he caresses my skin with his immense heat, inviting me to throw it all into the primordial fire as an offering (swaha), and as i do, i let go of the un-doing and drink in the air that I breathe as i sink more deeply into nature, I drink in the Divine through my breath and expand into the vastness of the sky and space above me that is an extension of me….

and so it is…

As we approach the end of 2015  I thought i’d explore the elements and share with you, like the simple meditation i just shared

For the Yogini, you practice yoga to help strengthen your body, calm the mind and hopefully as the yoga practices stretch your body, they also begin to stretch the concepts of your mind, so you become more flexible in your thoughts about yourself and others, the world and nature or the nature of the world – for it’s all so intimately connected. For the Yogini Yoga is an opportunity to get out of the linear, analysing mind that modern day masculine society often cultivates just to get things done. This endless doing particularly for a woman is draining, contracting as she needs to flow, be fluid by nature.

so for the yogini your practice that is offered by your teacher, or your own practice invites you to get into your miraculous body rather than reside in a fraction of it, in the mind or brain. have you ever felt that during a class at the end you thought “hmmm i didn’t even think about that problem…?” hopefully this is the case…

during the next few weeks I am going to share with you simple practices to become more connected with your nature, nature around you and the union of the two.  the practice if you accept the invitation, is to take a different journey beneath surface of the mind and connect with nature at a universal level. and this is where you begin to touch the feminine practices of embodiment.

These practices help to teach you how to live in equilibrium and harmony, when you balance the five main elements you begin to align with nature, which enhances the flow of prana, universal life-energy, within yourself and everything that needs to change within the world begins with each individual looking within themselves. Everything that is in the world is also within you, this is the treasure or the jewel that yoga offers… The world or the universal or the macrocosm is so intimately mirrored in you, your body or the microcosm. This is where the 5 elements exists in nature as well as in your body.

Pancha MahaBhuta

PanchaMahabhutaSince yoga originates in India I always try to bring use the lineage direct from India. In Hindu mythology, every human body is made from five elements which are Earth (bhumi), Water (jala), Fire (agni), Air (Vayu) and Space (akasha). These 5 elements are called the Pancha Mahabhuta.

and over the next few weeks I am going to share with you information, inspiration, yoga practices of pranayama, mudra, meditation, vinyasa here and on my FaceBook page 

so let me leave you with a scripture

In the Śvetāśvatara Upaniṣad, an ancient scripture about the primal cause of existence and so it says::

“When earth, water fire, air and akasha arise, when the five attributes of the elements, mentioned in the books on yoga, become manifest then the yogi/Yogini’s body becomes purified by the fire of yoga and he is free from illness, old age and death.” (Verse 2.12).

So over the next few weeks let’s explore ways to purify our body, mind and soul with the fire of yoga

Om swaha

I offer it all to the primordial fire