Potent Powerful Full Moon


This is a potent powerful Full Moon in Aquarius on the 18th August 2016. It marks the end of a cycle that started in march 2016 and it is now a new cycle with eclipses and Supermoons!

Everything in life is cyclic, everything changes, everything pulsates through contraction and expansion, love and pain, bliss and sorrow, light and dark.  Just look outside at the sky, the moon reveals how the cycles change as her faces change every month so this potent powerful full moon is one of these changes. aquarius, the water bearer is nurturing you to come into the flow.

The Full Moon illuminates your intentions, and magnifies their power. let aquarius water bearer to water your seed intentions. Just be aware Anything that is arising in your life is heightened at the time of a full moon. so this is a time to breathe and pause and not get pulled into the fullness of this intensity, especially as this potent, powerful full moon marks the end of a cycle.


the Full Moon also illuminates what you may be hiding, or hiding behind.  You know these masks that make you more acceptable to others. To a degree these are great for example if you feel you are being pulled you wear the mask of patience til this time passes so you dont react from anger or frustration. but then look at these latter qualities of anger – are these your so called ‘spiritual’ masks that you ‘should’ not be seen to express anger, a good practitioner doesnt do that – no! every feeling is a portal – the suppression of any means you are not whole in my book. it’s looking into why you are angry.

Are you acting a certain way to be seen as a good spiritual practitioner?

Do you not express your true inner voice because that’s not the way it’s done and it’s easier to say the more accepted yes?

Are you always ‘nice’ while bubbling with anger, rage or frustration inside because you want to be heard or treated differently?

let this potent powerful Full moon shine a light on your needs. I invite you to let the call of your soul’s desires come to the surface and been seen or voiced so you feel full of your own expression…

The full moon is perfect time to illuminate everything as a portal. take this time and rest your awareness in the rhythm of your breath and let her ( your breath, the Prana Shakti) guide you deep within to reconcile anything in conflict deep within our soul.

If you yearn to manifest your greatest hopes and dreams, then use tomorrows Aquarian potent, powerful Full moon to finally take off masks and transform! It is apparently ending a cycle that began in March 2016 so this is a time to let go of the old and welcome the new – your visions, hopes and desires

What do you yearn so deeply for?

Give it a voice.

writeitdownThen begin the manifestation by writing it down, make it real rather than airy thought.

How will you feel when you gave this thing you yearn for? Describe it.

Let this time of the full moon renew your clarity for what it is you yearn for.

Potent powerful Full Moon Practice

Aquarius is the water-bearer goddess and she nurtures your life pouring her nectar into your dreams. Let her water the seed of your desire to help it grow.

Commit to a practice that mirrors your vision, like observing the breath, chanting, practcie 11 sun salutations, meditate for 5 minutes a day. begin to authentically feel what arises when you dedicate time to your practice – even if negative emotions arise. Maybe they are revealing to you, to let go of the old and welcome the new. You may need to embrace every aspect of yourself including emotions you usually don’t want to be seen. Maybe anger is the very portal into your liberation.

let the power of the full moon bring a state of being forward so you drop into the portal of feeling, being and accepting… Then boom watch your vision manifest over the new cycle