The Power of Sisterhood

Power of Sisterhood

Power of Sisterhood, the awakening of the Goddess within….YES!

I am just back from my yoga retreat in India and I am so full of love for the power of sisterhood. and this blog is written in humble gratitude to all the women who came on my retreat that became my friends and revealed to me the immense power of sisterhood.

What does the power of sisterhood mean to you?

The power of Sisterhood to me is a coming together of like-minded women, who are willing to see and be seen in a raw and real way.  The power of sisterhood supports and nurtures the blossoming of each other’s souls, our longings and deepest desires. The power of sisterhood is authentic connection, that arises fro mthe truth of who we are as women, powerful, radiant and sensual women willing to take of the masks with eachother.

The yoga retreat soon revealed the power of sisterhood

The plan was to teach more yoga than Tantra. Yet it was pretty apparent from the off, this intimate group of women were so ready for Tantra, so I began to teach more sensual yoga and introduce lots more Tantra. This was my first yoga retreat in 3 years since my move to Barbados, where I’ve been immersed in my own personal practice of Tantra.

I’ve been studying and practicing Tantra for nearly 10 years and last year I studied with  the late Psalm Isadora and her Tantra methods revolutionised my practice. I then qualified as a certified Isadora a Tantra Coach ™, so I empower women to rise and teach sacred sexuality to couples.

Back to the retreat and the power of sisterhood…

Yet because this Indian yoga retreat was planned way prior to my certification I wanted to honour the lineage of yoga. So I had only planned to introduce a particular Tantra meditation and some Tantra breathing exercises. the universe had other plans for me and the women….

Kiss Meditation - reveals power of sisterhood

KISS Meditation that deepens connection and intimacy and revealed the power of sisterhood

In the opening circle of my retreat I introduced the KISS meditation (previous blogs) and this was a meditation that we would be practising once or twice a day every day 10 day retreat. The benefits of the KISS meditation is : it helps to clear any intimacy blocks that you may have whether you’re aware of them or not, it also deepens connections by releasing the feel good hormone oxytocin which is know as the love and bonding hormone. From the first body temple opening ceremony and the KISS meditation I knew I had to teach this group Tantra. What unfurled in the 10 days was pure alchemy.

I began to teach more sensual yoga and introduce lots more Tantra. The effects of which rippled out across Kovalam. The locals were magnetised to the ladies, everyone talked to us and the air of pure happiness oozed from our very beings. I could see that Tantra had literally turned on the women to all life has to offer and others around could not help but notice.

I know that some yoga teachers say absolutely every yoga retreat they teach is the best yoga retreat. I can honestly say that this was the most profound yoga retreat that I have ever taught, where every single person connected so much more deeply. I truly believe that this is because of the tantra methods.

Is it a marketing ploy?

Where I write on my retreat descriptions what you might expect and have these types of words…

  • You can expect to be welcomed in paradise, surrounded with like-minded women.
  • You can expect to immerse yourself in sisterhood, days filled with of exploration, self acceptance and guaranteed laughter and love.
  • You can expect a sanctuary space where you feel safe to explore yourself, open up, be vulnerable, share and just be you.
  • You can expect profound shifts and deep breakthroughs infused with a powerful boost of feminine Shakti energy…

I was criticised by a marketing person and his colleagues that I employed briefly (the brief as we didn’t align) that the use of sisterhood was just too way out there and was over the top.

So Thankful to the power of sisterhood for showing me what I knew to be true…

Celebration of the power of sisterhood

Celebration of life and the power of sisterhood

The power of sisterhood is so very potent to change the chemical shifts within a woman, this is the truth and the truth of what I do is written so accurately. Until you experience it, words cannot portray.


My retreat in India, I was immersed in daily love and abundance of laughter, with beautiful women who epitomised the power of sisterhood and the healing effects of deepening connections with women. This retreat has revealed to me how in my own personal life I miss my closest friends since living in Barbados. And now what I need to change.

Woman’s chemistry

When a woman feels good her confidence skyrockets. I feel like I am flying, I am so full of energy (shakti). Shakti is the rocket fuel for life and my shakti is pulsating so much, it was so high as I taught I’d feels waves and waves of bliss and this has continued even now asI’m back home in Barbados.

I wish to share that the power of Tantra is so potent. Self-help or therapy are great but don’t give a woman the chemical shift in her body, they keep you in your head. What I teach honours the body and Tantra awakens you through your body and the 5 senses.  So when you turn on the glOw from my yOga glOw every facet of your being shines, infused then with tantra and the alchemy is pure bliss. The Yoga and Tantra invites pleasure and this pleasure creates the chemical shift.

A woman’s body is built for pleasure, that’s why she has 8000 nerve endings in a part of her anatomy, who’s only purpose is to give and receive pleasure (next blog). My India retreat I taught this small group of women ancient Tantra practices that turn on the feminine power called shakti. Like a light switch when you turn on shakti, you turn on every area of your life – including sisterhood.

The absence of the feminine, is the absence of the power of sisterhood and this means the absence of pleasure in any form you wish to imagine. for now imagine no laughter, no love, no intimacy or connection in your life. i’d say pretty grim… wouldn’y you agree? A woman needs pleasure, she needs laughter and there’s no deeper connection that heals than that of a friend. Imagine going on a retreat and making life long friends! I know this happened. one woman wrote:

“I came on this retreat alone, but the connections I’ve made with the other goddesses is something I have never experiecned on any other retreat or in life. Michelle’s use of Tantra helped me to make life long friends. I would recommend Michelle’s retreats to every woman, it’s empowering, embraces womanhood and sisterhood….Just amazing!” SS

What I absolutely loved about teaching this Indian retreat is for me personally it revealed how much women (and men) are truly starving for authentic connections and deeper intimacy. My retreats from now will definitely always include tantra, it’s my way of life and for the women’s only one the power of sisterhood will i’m sure shine.

I know my group left a massive impression on all those they met in India, for they are all what’s app- ing me saying so. I cannot wait for my next women’s only retreat in UK and Barbados 2018 and I am already planning my next retreat to Southern India including a trip to the North’s Golden Triangle for 2019!

so for now I wish to thank all those ladies (and the partner of one of them) who came on the retreat for revealing to me so much. I humbly bow to each and every one of you, just like I bow to the feet of the Goddess. to me you are all Goddesses (and a God, you held the space for us all!)

much love and I miss your laughter, til next time ? mwah!