Pranayama for me is a practice to invite me deeper within the temple of my body. Since the breath is considered feminine, for me again, it’s a deliciously holy experience for me to intimately connect more deeply with the goddess and the goddess of my own unique awareness.

When we meditation the invitation to students by most teachers is to bring their awareness to their breath… mmm yes! the breath is feminine and the awareness is masculine this is the very first inner marriage, without us even being aware of it – maybe until now.

So pranayama is the expansion of breath and life as you’ve learnt how important prana is from the blog before  on Prana

so let’s look more intimately at pranayama

Pranayama Practice

intimacyThe breath invites more intimacy ~ into-me-i-see

quite simply bring your awareness into your body noticing the rhythm of your breath… where is your breath, begin to practice this now as you read and then you can take this practice away with you to bring it into a meditation

receive the breath, as if the breath is breathing you…inhale open ,expand, receive…pause…exhale surrender into your own vastness.. invite the practice of receptivity. as you breathe you begin to feel the breath more in the body. the breath is not in your mind and so for women this practcie of observing the breath in their body brings you out of your busy head and into your body – mmmm yes!

Let go of the doing and begin un-doing, by feeling, maybe you sacred belly is rising and falling, same as your breast area. now invite the breath in a little deeper, down into the sacred belly, your womb area, your pelvic floor and yoni. as you invite the breath beneath the surface, welcome the breath like a loyal lover, maybe the most loyal lover you’re ever have… feel the loving embrace of this lover and now allow the love of the breath to invite the awareness to come along and the awareness rest in the rhythm of the breath, the intimate union of the breath and the awareness as lovers within. this may take time so be patient and allow your self to come beneath the surface and you will see, feel that the breath is breathing you from within – can you feel this?

Now observe that between the inhalation and exhalation there are pauses…In the pauses, this is the relaxation of the habitual practice of reaching somewhere else, of pushing, or clinging. so can you allow anything that is pulling you in different directions to pass you by, no need to hold on…float in the pauses, the stillness inbetwee nthe loving embrace of the lovers of the breath and awareness…

rest in this rising and falling of the breath, the undulations that are so intimately caresssing you deeper and deeper within your own embodiment…


this is the kind of guided meditations I offer women in class, workshops and retreats. this is Yogic breathing, infused with Tantra. and there is also Tantric breathing which i will share soon


Kapalbhati Pranayama

Kapalabhati ~skull shining breath

This is a more powerful breath than the relaxing meditation I’ve shared

This pranayama enlivens the body, liberates the Prana, tones the abdominals and brings you into your centre.
Inhale raise arms and exhale short pumps that bellows your sacred belly, as you exhale the inhalation becomes passive after say 20-49 or build up to a minute, exhale fully bring the arms down in front of the heart to Hasta Mudra inhale and hold the breath in a kumbhaka, a retention of the breath so you receive the Prana full empowerment
Let me know how it feels to become more intimate with your breath
Jai Ma!