So January is nearly over have and I wanted to remind you of the practice, the abhayasa, the committed practice to never give up and keep going towards your goals, or your sankalpa if you created one for 2014… I’ve asked my ladies from the Manifestation Retreat day to commit to a 40 day sadhana to move their life and sankalpa for this period forward. We learnt a tool on how to create a sankalpa in the day and now this explains more about it

Abhyasa (practice) is a dedicated, unswerving, constant, and vigilant search into a chosen subject, pursued against all odds in the face of repeated failures, for indefinitely long periods of time. Practice implies a certain methodology, involving effort. It has to be followed uninterruptedly for a long time, with firm resolve, application, attention and devotion, to create a stable foundation for training the mind, intelligence, ego and consciousness. 
~ BKS Iyengar


“What is sadhana? It’s a committed prayer. It is something that you want to do, have to do, and which is being done by you. … Sadhana is self-enrichment. It is not something, which is done to please somebody or to gain something. Sadhana is a personal process in which you bring out your best.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice designed to allow you to turn inward and perceive your life as it truly is; it is the foundation of all spiritual endeavor. Sadhana is your personal, individual spiritual effort. It is the main tool you use to work on yourself to achieve your purpose of life. Sadhana is whatever you do consistently to clear your own consciousness so you can relate to the divinity within you.
A spiritual practice allows you to interweave your spiritual identity with your worldly identity, make your spiritual life one with your worldly life…


expect great thingsA Sankalpa is more conscious than a new years resolutions, it is an intention for your life to come to your fullest potential.

It all begins with intention. Conscious change is composed of attention, awareness and intention.  Your intention can be multilevel in its purpose ~ physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. A sankalpa helps you realize and awaken to your Divine nature, and co-create your life.

Why: Setting an intention is a powerful way to harness the energy of your practice towards your highest purpose. Just as we work with the alignment of our joints and muscles in yoga asana, we can also align our spirit through sankalpa. It shifts your attitude towards the positive and that creates a change within you



Set an intention on what we wish to see happen – not based on fear – it is an intention that SEEks the highest – the sacred.

When you begin to move with the highest intention on the mat and you are grateFULLy invoking a sankalpa, the practice BEcOMes a ritualised prACTice frOM your heART. you then take this off your mat and into all your activities.
Yes the juicy, prana releasing vinyasas stretch your body and mind to becOMe stronger and more flexible, more importantly though, they give you the opportUNITY to step deeper into your essence of your heart, into the heART of Yoga allowing you to consciously plant more seeds of bliss…
A sankalpa is a self-enriching invocation, that is in service of something sacred. Yes we all have desires and there’s nothing wrong with desires…We were all born out of desire!
“You are your deepest desire.


As your desire is, so is your intention.
As your intention, so is your will.
As is your will so is your deed.  
As you deed is, so is your destiny.”


~ Brihadaranyaka Upanishad  IV.4.5


In the Upanishads, this is inviting us to see that through our actions and will, our desire determines our fate. When your deepest desire is in harmony with your soul’s purpose, your destiny of who you are meant to be is fulfilled.


how & when to use your sankalpa

anjali mudraSo you’ve got your sankalpa, its a short simple sentence that declares to the universe what it is that you wish to manifest in 2014 or for my ladies during the 40 day sadhana by 28 February. It is written in the present tense as if you have already received it and is short enough that you can say easily and won’t forget!
now to using a sankalpa… you can use the sankalpa in the morning during meditation, or before your yoga practice, or if your are struggling with your day, invoke your positive intention to shift your mindset, or and use at night before going to sleep or if you meditate at night…
now you’re ready….just close your eyes and feel gratitude for this sankalpa, what you wish to receive and pause for 108 moments, take these precious 108 moments to truly feel into this, then before repeating your short brief sentence  3 times, acknowledge that your desire, your sankalpa ~ what you aspire to becOMe or to achieve, is in service to something much greater than you or your life…. Also sense and feel you are an expression of consciousness that permeates everything, then you BEcOMe one with the rhythm of the your life and the life of the Universe. this truly is devotional practice with intention from your heart. once you’ve invoked this wit the feeling from within (the bhava is feeling in sanskrit) then repeat your sankalpa silently to yourself 3 times. then offer thanks and bow your head towards your heart…
“It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity.” BKS Iyengar
Finally Ask yourself, about your sankalpa, why is this important? who is it serving? yes it will enrich your life yet how does it enrich your cOMmUNITY?



I hope this has helped you go forward and I truly hope your sadhana bears the fruits of your sankalpa

Much love

Michelle x