SahasraraChakraSahasrara Chakra

Don’t go outside your house to see flowers.
My friend, don’t bother with that excursion.
Inside your body there are flowers.
One flower has a thousand petals.
That will do for a place to sit.
Sitting there you will have a glimpse of beauty
inside the body and out of it,
before gardens and after gardens

~ Kabir

Sahasrara Chakra means thousandfold and sometimes known as  the Crown chakra. To the Hindus numbers with ones and zeros represent infinity so the sahasrara is the 1000 petal lotus, the gateway to the Divine or infinity, the source of all manifestation, helping us to find meaning and understanding and above all unity. This is where Shakti upon her rising up through the lotuses of the chakras merges and becomes one with Shiva at the Crown, Sahasrara Chakra.

If you remember 7 weeks ago when I wrote and taught about Muladhara chakra and the journey upwards, (refresh your memory if you need to by reading that blog) to connect with Divine Consciousness or the god or goddess of your own unique awareness, well now we have arrived! and this week as we begin is Full Moon, Purna Chandra, the celebration of natural synchronicities that have unfurled on the journey of the chakras, mirroring your own unfurling lotuses.

full moon sahasrara chakraWithin Sahasrara is the Full Moon, (see i told you about synchronicities) the soma is the sweet nectar, the amrita of the moon. As you align the spine, open your crown to the infinite, the divine, the soma slowly trickles down from the full moon at the crown like honey to all the other chakras, let its sweetness, its intoxicating juice seduce and caress you into the temple of the body… as you inhale and open to this, exhale and receive it and let’s savour the continuation of the journey!

 the Journey…

We’ve journeyed together as a group yet in the vehicle of our own indivdual bodies to some revealing and potentially or literally enlightening places.   Now we’ve arrived at the last chakra on the path to Sahasrara ~ the Crown Chakra. This chakra is  about unity, awakening, meditation, consciousness and thought. 
sahasrara chakraAlong the journey  you’ve dissolved blockages, made choices that although intellectual at first, have invited you into the feeling, letting go so unity arises. do you recall the journey of the chakras?; you open and create harmony, your vision has shifted, you’ve learnt to use your voice for the highest good and speak your truth, you’ve kindled the heart fire so you love more expansively, you’ve stepped into your power, transforming and using your will for the highest good so you flow creatively, fluidly, more freely so that the very ground of your being is strong, steady and nurtures you and those around you to finally experience the infinite at the gateway of the Divine; Sahasrara and hopefully oneness and unity.
sahasrara chakrathe journey of Shakti moves up the chakras towards unity and liberation to be one with Shiva.
ॐ where do you see unity in your life?
ॐ where do you feel separation?
ॐ where are you not in unity with the people in your life?
 unity is the key to liberation, can you find where you can live in harmony, dissolve the separation, can you see these people or situations as mirroring back to you the parts of your self that are separate?

The invitation

I invite you to open the Sahasrara chakra, residing at the crown of your head and let the Divine be invited in… to flow through you,~

ॐ will you let your Self invite the Divine in?

ॐ can you awaken and witness your own limitless nature mirror the Divine and and  as you invite the Divine in  lovingly receive it with every cell of your BEing ?

This week we will open to something much greater from the sacred temple of your body. The meditation is to bring unity to the breath and the movement so every asana becomes a prayer from your loving heart fire. We will marry the right and the left, the masculine and the feminine, the yoni(feminine) and the lingham(masculine)…
Yoni Lingham
Sahasrara invites you to align from the ground up, yr awareness of muladhara and the earth below supporting you and also awareness rising to  the cosmic ceiling above you.  the chakras reside along the length of the spine, called the sushumna nadi, which is translated the ray of light.  so you have a sense of ShivaShakti, Her journey, Shakti, to meet and unite with Him, Shiva, I invite you to sense the yoni to the earth and the lingham of the spine long, there is always the intimate connection and unity of the two n the sahasrara chakra sadhana .
ShivaShaktiJust as I long to taste the sweet seducing soma nectar, do you yearn for this too? as we drink in the divine, and dance with the divine in  this last week of the journey, truly it is the beginning….
we shall not cease frOM exploration & the end of all our exploring will BE to arrive where we started & know the place for the first time ~ T.S Elliot
 Explore the opening of the gateway to the divine, and allow the mystery to keep unfurling, unfolding, witnessing, observing as if for the first time. for this sahasrara chakra is about unity, receiving and then serving. you receive messages and guidances all the time – do you open your crown to receive? and then as you witness, obSERVE, do you serve others?

can you become aware of that part within you that silently looks through your eyes, hears through your ears, feels through your senses and is always dwelling within?

How do you become One with a force greater than yourself with out losing yourself?

you are already One with this force….

now that’s something worth exploring, wouldn’t you agree?

let’s explore together as One!


Michelle ♡