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Scorpion Full Moon

? Scorpion Full Moon Magic ?

This Full Moon may feel like a stinger, so let me invite you to come into the flOw, rise high and find the love…

This is dedicated to all, especially my fellow siSTARs who trained with me at Psalm Isadora’s Metamorphosis. You know who you are ?

The past fews moons have been intense as planets are retrograde and the cosmos is churning. It’s effects have been a shedding of the skin, letting go of what’s not serving so you embrace your shadows and bring them into the light.

Scorpion Full MoonNow the  Scorpion Full Moon ? is turning up the heat. So personally I’m embracing this inner alschemy. By day I come to the ocean to bathe and cleanse. Tonight after my Full Moon Sadhana yoga class I’ll invoke a fire ritual

Scorpio is the only sign that has three animal totems.
?First, Scorpion
? Eagle

the Scorpion has a sting in its tail, yet when it learns to master its passion and hold its instincts at bay, it changes into the Eagle.

The Eagle has clearer perspective, it flies high above the surface of circumstances, taking in a wider perspective, thus observing the root of the problem, then swooping down with its power only to the heart to nurture .

In its third form, the Scorpion becomes the always-peaceful Dove or Phoenix, rising from the ashes becoming aware of his/her mystical powers of healing. This really is the true meaning. Are you ready to rise?

?Scorpion Full Moon is about metamorphosis. ? This is why the Moon speaks so truthFULLy for me now
Scorpios transform the painful poisons of possessive passion into a higher consciousness based on universal love.

This Scorpio Full Moon is inviting you plunge deep into your inner depths and bring forth your truth. This is what I have been practising. I am reactive like a scorpion, I am passionate, fiery and thank full to my yoga and tantra practice to teach me more. yet of late I have been invoking the eagle, observing the wider perspective. and it may be that the dove or Phoenix is beginning to rise from the ashes of destruction in my own life. I hope to tell you more soon… yet for now



?What do you want to voice?

May you bring your voice into the realm of love, invite the sensual intimate passions of Scorpio to give your truth clarity so you transform the poisons into medicine. and rise from the ashes in pure love.

I bow before the fire of transformation