Shakti Keys


Often when I am teaching or writing my blogs I will talk about Shakti keys, this blog is about what they are ::

Shakti Keys open doors

You might think of course, however it’s deeper than a key unlocking a physical door. I’m a storyteller, gifting you with the mythic stories and how their ancient wisdom is ripe and potent for modern day. Within the stories or within life there are Shakti Keys, these are tools, that help you to unlock the deeper meaning and mystery within you and empower you to awaken to the truth and transform. They are the fertile potent essence that we as women, begin to feel and receive their power and let that transform us. Imagine your inner dialogue shifting from logical thinking to your senses and breath, your consciousness will also shift from your head to your heart. and this is like the awareness trickling deeper within the temple of your body. and you have a ahhhh-haaa mOMent

You may also see, hear, feel shakti keys of your own; in this a-MA-zing universe and the MA in aMAzing is revealing it to you… when I began honouring the Feminine I began to see Her, Ma, Shakti everywhere in everything, in everyOne.

are you ready to open some doors? are you ready to let Her in and transform you?