Shakti Vinyasa

Shakti vinyasa is my signature style of yoga. Shakti Vinyasa is a dynamic flowing yoga that invokes and activates your Shakti, your primal sexual creative energy. 

Shakti VinyasaShe (shakti because shakti is feminine energy) ignites tapas and heats the body up from within.

Tapas is not your Spanish food :), in Sanskrit tapas comes from the root tap meaning “to heat, to give out warmth, to shine, to burn” (from wikipedia).

Shakti turns on the heat within the vinyasa, and one of the meaning of vinyāsa is to place in a special or sacred way. 

Many of my students are surprised at the amount they sweat or how the fire within kindles as we progressively move throughout he Vinyasa. For me this is Shakti moving in a sacred way within their bodies and awakening them to their fullest potential. 

The reason I love to ignite Shakti within myself and through my yoga is to also ignite passion, for life, for purpose. The heat turns you on to more, The sweat purifies, cleanses and empowers you to sweat your stress. You get out your head and into your body, HOT (yes hot in an magnetising way ) body. This heat changes so many stories held within the body, it ignites the fire of transformation.

Shakti Vinyasa Story

Potent powerful practices reveal our full potential. Many really do not know the potential or power they hold within their body. They have learnt to be a certain way, look a certain way and conditioned to think or believe a certain way, especially to fit in or be accepted.

This might come for peer groups, family and society that has passed down a patriarchal colonised conditioning, where women especially have become passive, stuck and comfortable with the way life is.

The stories condition in work places and relationships where cortisol is high, stressors active and nervous system on overload, which contribute to limiting beliefs

Shakti VinyasaShakti Vinyasa invites you to create a new chapter in your story.

Shakti also means “she who cannot be contained” the irony is many do contain her!

Through Shakti Vinyasa you learn to embrace your many facets and polish the diamond of your soul – do you know diamonds are indestructible? This is how potent the practices of Shakti vinyasa are.

As the heat, tapas turns on, you begin not burn away all the old conditioning, liberating the shackles that contain you.

As the old burns, the new comes forth to shine, another meaning of tapas and shines like the diamond!

Your nervous system responds positively, you breath deeper, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, where you ‘feed and breed’ or restore and restore.

You feel alive, awake, happy, grounded. You begin to cultivate a practice with purpose for more…

Shakti Vinyasa + The Goddess

Shakti is also the Goddess.

women's empowerment coachStories are the oldest form of healing art that exist. As Shakti Vinyasa changes the euro transmitters in the body through the nervous system, calming the nervous system.

I, then share my passion for the stories of the Goddesses. The power of these stories give you the keys to open the doors to your fullest potential. This is where you re-write your own story.

The stories of the Goddesses empower you to meet, greet and embody your own inner Goddess.

How do I share?

Through mythopoetic stories from Tantra and Yoga, infused with :

  • my Shakti Vinyasa that embodies mantra and sacred sound at her roots.
  • Prāṇāyāma, the breath is mantra and the breath is the Prana Shakti aka the power of the breath
  • Mudra that leaves and imprint to empower the seeds of mantra to blossom
  • Movement as medicine, creative sequencing that honours the feminine movements
    • circular + cyclic
    • undulating
    • spiralling
    • linear
  • Sound, your own sounds, music and chanting of sacred songs

Want to try Shakti Vinyasa? – join me in Barbados for classes or  1-1, online 1-1 or on my retreats!

Look forward to sharing with you


Jai Maa!