Stepping into the Unknown!

stepping int othe unknown, again, ecstasy

Stepping into the unknown is an extension of my blog I wrote 2 years ago; Step into the unknown and yes either may be fearful.

or as I’ve been contemplating, Stepping into the unknown is ecstatic!

I first wrote step into the unknown, when i had made a decision to leave my London life and move to Barbados. no-one knew this and it was themed around my immense devotion to the Feminine, in the form of Durga, who demands of you fearlessness, and the stepping off the fence, for that is where she meets you… Stepping into the unknown is still about breaking through the fears, the taboos and breaking down the walls of the analytical masculine mind that keeps asking “what if this…. or when that… i will!” the unknown is exactly that something you cannot plan and is so potent and pregnant with ecstatic possibility…

Let’s talk more of ecstasy!

Further to my deeper tantra explorations in the last 2 years, especially with my husband, this common theme for me of stepping into the unknown is invoking a new realm. Yes it’s still taking yourself outside of the box, which ultimately limits your growth or stepping off the metaphoric fence of when this or what if that, then…..that is indeed stepping into the unknown but now…

How does ecstasy come into it?

Well, when i was looking for pictures on ecstasy, sadly the drug ecstasy came up, this in my opinion is a mask, you’re taking something to take yourself to a place the drug induces, what are you escaping by taking drugs, alcohol – this is no judgement on my part, i wish to say… truly you can take yourself there naturally by coming home to yourself.

what?- your asking

ecstasyYes, we are all born omni-present and innately ecstatic, even fully orgasmic, yet life numbs this and so you forget or yes people take drugs. Orgasm is a free flow of waves of energy. I believe and my practcie of Tantra, and yoga, and meditation helps me to come home to who i am, and re-kindle my innate state and this is what i teach others.

The root of ecstasy

Let’s look at the root: ecstasy comes from Old French estaise meaning “ecstasy, rapture,” or from Late Latin extasis, means “ex-static”, “static” means “standing” and “ex” means “outside.” So this means you have to be willing to step or stand outside the box. this for me is what the feminine is about, standing outside the safe boxes she created to feel safe

What does ecstasy mean for you?

ask yourself this….

for me, You have to be willing lean into coming home by stepping into the unknown, where the unknown you cannot control. Your little mind cannot get this, and this is what Tantra is about, exploring your body, feeling, sensing, being. The ecstasy or the bliss is something which leads you beyond your normal state of consciousness or the normal place of your boundaries, so you come into wholeness, you come home to yourself innately pulsating and vibrant. the wholeness is out of the mind and being in the whole body, which opens you up to full body of ecstatic states or orgasms

Stepping into the unknown is now for me stepping outside the box that you perceive as safe and secure and letting the unknown realm take you by the hand to a place of ecstasy. you have these boxes because they make you feel safe, yet the Feminine, Shakti, Durga, Ecstasy are all outside the box, it doesn’t mean they are not safe… they are an invitation for you to delve into a realm of the body that the mind cannot begin to comprehend. it is the mind that makes up these boxes, it is the mind that is like a small child screaming having a toddler fit… your soul, your shakti yearns for you to come home.

Bedroom and Yoga, where’s the connection…?

Hahaha, everything is connected. Your Yoga awakens you to who you are. and your are, we all are sexual beings. Social or religious repression has squashed this. Ecstasy or orgasms for me are waves of the energy or shakti that rises within you. When you here the word orgasm, you think sex, when you hear the word ecstasy you think drugs or maybe sex. an orgasm occurs after the whole body contracts and then you let go into expansion. It is when you give yourself the permission to loose control in/of your mind and let your body surrender in her natural state…

However how many of you experience full body, mind blowing orgasms? statistically according to the Sexual Advice Association 12% have never had an orgasm, 75% cannot have orgasms through sex,  and according to cosmo 72% of women experienced their partners climaxing and they had made no attempt to satisfy their woman, and lastly 67% faked it – this doesn’t even go into the realm of ecstasy of the full body

I wanna change your view…

ecstatic-dance-Everything is yoga, everything is tantra for me, nothing seperates, especially since I became a Tantric Educator last month after intense studies. I know what woemn are yearning for, i was one of them. and now I am on a mission to help.

My first Full body orgasm, where I was catapolted into an ecstatic realm was during a meditation and I merged with the Divine in the form of Kali. Why did this happen, because after years on yoga, mantra and pranayama I opened my body. so YES YES YES yoga and what goes on in the bedroom are intimately connected. Women are full orgasmic or may expereice waves of energy from anything, even none touch, when she is open – i’ve experienced this. so I bring my practice into the bedroom, because as I said they are not seperate and I explore deep surrender and stepping into the unknown and  standout of the box to explore ecstasy and practice tantra and yoga as a form of worship  in the realm of sacred sex….

so what i’d love to know is

are you willing to stand outside of the box?

and if you are still on the fence thinking (which means you are in your mind) what if…

Tantra requires courage, I am going to begin to  teach you to involve every aspect of your being to go beyond what you thought possible, so the question will be

But What if I don’t….