Svadhisthana Full Moon for me is 16 March 2014 is the Chaste moon and is the last one of the winter, the last one for the first cycle of this year 2014.

“Behold how the moon beams of the HiddenOne shine in you” Kabir

March is a time for new beginnings celebrating Spring, let go of the old and welcome the new. At this time of year we are preparing for planting in the fields and gardens, blessing the seeds for the crops in the hope of a bountiful harvest. This is an invitation for you to do the same for you own life…It’s a fertile time to plants seeds mentally with thoughts of success and hope as the energy of the winter breaks into the open. Contemplate…

  • What do you truly wish for?
  • What symbolic seed can you sow at this Full Moon and observe it blossom?

…Maybe cultivate these seeds of intention either over the next month to the Full Moon or over the Summer. Maybe you’d like to cultivate a heart quality of love, compassion or gratitude in your life… or sow seeds of courage, tolerance, or patience. or maybe as the Full Moon begins to wan to the New Moon, you’d like to give up a habit or a way of being…

Nature at this time is poised with potential about to blossom into life. Make an offering at this Full Moon and next weeks Spring Equinox and honour nature, the cycles of life and begin to recognize that we are all part of the greater rhythms of the universe. When we embrace our true nature the harmony we so seek is revealed…

My experience
I am writing this blog after an extremely challenging emotional day yesterday. I have been teaching the chakra series, an exploration of the Chakras within my classes at YogaRelax. They have been churning the prana shakti (vital life force energy) within me and as I teach I’ve simply been observing.

if you stumble...danceThis week was Svadhisthana Chakra and as the week progressed I felt like a turbulent storm was brewing, yet not about anything in particular, I could feel the waves of emotions rising and as much as I tried to ride the sacred wave, I stumbled…. I felt utterly vulnerable, broken open and yesterday the water of my tears released as a torrent. I was questioning everything, and in this vulnerable moment, I was trying to listen to my own teachings of surrender, melt away the gripping, the holding on, the resisting and to take a drink for the well and dive into the vastness of the tears and just let them wash me.

Svadhisthana Chakra and the Full Moon
As a moon maiden, I set an intention this year to introduce honouring the cycles of the moon every month, either in my classes or additional classes and workshops and they have been a-MA-zing so far. I also am honouring the Divine Feminine and the two are sunchronised in my forth coming Wonder Woman workshop. So in my own sadhana I’ve been practicing deeply and wholeheartedly. Through the sacred practices of yoga (mantra, mudra, meditation, pranayama, kriya, asana) you learn to evolve within the natural cycles of life and honour the ritual of respecting your self at the highest level – this is what I am teaching

Svadhisthana Chakra is about connection, feeling, creation and the art of receptivity. The full Moon is an invitation to open to the fullness of you, the ripeness of your light,…

contemplate how you move in life? what are you passionate about? where do you need to be nourished? what is blocking your flow?

The Mother moon’s feminine energy draws to the surface your deepest personal needs and facilitates an awareness of your inner and outer worlds. There within svadhisthana chakra is a crescent moon honouring the interconnectedness of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Since honouring the feminine, my menstrual cycle and the moon I’ve become more in tune with the ebb and flow of nature and my true nature, my moods, my times of movement, my times to be still. I’ve been lovingly practicing receptivity, practicing to release the unconscious or conscious gripping, to surrender, and whilst doing, yet un-doing 🙂 I’ve been inviting others to explore for their own embodiment.

Rumi moonSo for me it was no surprise that as the full moon blossomed into being and I had taught a powerful class to all women, the following day I crumbled… the tears were the masks coming off, the letting go, the surrender into vulnerability where so much courage blossoms forth. I didn’t judge myself I just let go and allowed myself to be held, to be supported by the higher force of the universe Shakti …and my friend (thank you)

I am so immensely grateful for my sadhana, my journey, my blossoming.. the love i feel for this is indescribable

This is one of the first things I read as I was seeking guidance as the tears flowed….A monthly email I received from Rebeka Shaman about this Full moon and so on the night before this Chaste Full Moon in Virgo I share… it may guide or enlighten you…

This Virgo moon can amplify any anxiety or worries you may be having, upping our emotional arousal that may in turn create black and white thinking; when we lose sight of who we are and all the blessings in our life, and only see the burdens, challenges and difficulties.

Fortunately, the earthy and motherly Virgo full moon also likes to push us out of our comfort zones and asks us to start practically setting our sails for distant shores. It motivates us to start planting our visions and dreams in concrete reality so we can prepare for an abundant and prosperous harvest.

The key is to set your intention clearly; What do you want to manifest? How would you like to experience your creativity? How are you participating? What is your passion? And then get out of your own way and allow the universal energy flow you to your destination.

Virgo is the moon of humility, of surrendering to a power greater than ourselves, so that we can let go of control and become more trusting. The more we connect with the natural flow of nature, the more effortless and enjoyable the journey becomes. The divine paradox is that in order to feel in control we must let go of all control and accept life as it is and not as we would like it to be, while still trusting our dreams are coming true.

Well, are you like me ~ YES! I felt every word speaking to me, my deepest yearnings, my visions for myself and so much for others that I teach. As I ride this wave, this cycle, this tiger (Durga’s tiger~ more coming soon) as I learn, evolve, blossom I am bursting with love to share…

and so I leave you on this blessed night… please look upon the sky and smile as the moon mirror your own luminosity

“Behold what wonderful rest is in the Supreme Spirit! and he enjoys it, who makes himself meet for it.
Held by the cords of love, the swing of the Ocean of Joy sways to and fro; and a mighty sound breaks forth in song.
See what a lotus blooms there without water! and Kabîr says
“My heart’s bee drinks its nectar.”
What a wonderful lotus it is, that blooms at the heart of the spinning wheel of the universe! Only a few pure souls know of its true delight.
Music is all around it, and there the heart partakes of the joy of the Infinite Sea.
Kabîr says: “Dive thou into that Ocean of sweetness: thus let all errors of life and of death flee away.” ~ Kabir


Michelle x

Full Moon Ritual heart plant
Lastly I’d like t o offer you this ritual you may like to do. I have done as I tending my garden this afternoon and have sown my seeds looking upon Mother moon.

On the Full Chaste Moon, select the seeds for your personal spiritual growth that you’d like t osow, you may plant these with intention by meditation or maybe you’d like t oplant some spring bulbs, or seeds that produce seedlings for your vegetableor herb garden…

For each bulb or seeds sown repeat (if you wish) the following incantation (magical wish)

plant, sow, energise and grow,

This is my wish (insert yours)

Goddess Moon make it so”

Say with loving intent and gratitude from your heart

ps I pray what you sow blossoms ♡ if you don’t physically sow a seed, sow L O V E in your heart