New Moon

NewMoon? New Moon Blessings to you…

Today on the New Moon I woke with muzzy head. I just wrote about it on another Facebook post. So I’m drawn to slow down, contemplate my seed intentions. Do you remember how 4 years ago I introduced you to my beloved moon sadhana’s and I kicked off January the 1st with a class? this is a fond fond memory of mine

Today is the Aquarian New Moon and Aquarius is symbolised by the water bearer, so I’m letting the water flow into my life to nurture and fertilise my intentions, dreams and visions – will you? I know for some January has been tough, now is the time to come into the flow, can you let go of the resisting of the tides

I love that so many women are now following the cycles of the moon, for it means so many more sisters become more in tune with their own nature that is cyclic and support the growing generations to respect ancient wisdoms and truths.

?Now more than ever there is a calling.

?To be authentic, to speak your truth, to rise just as you as the woman you are

The New Moon for me is always the time to reflect in the fertile darkness, I began contemplating to clear the muzziness…

?what are my dreams?
?What would I love to bring to light for myself and others…
?how may I serve the global cOMmUNITY to come into their Fullness and thrive.

And so I invite you into contemplation too:

? what do you yearn for? What is your Yes in life?
? what is your biggest challenge holding you back from what you yearn for?
? and what if I was to give you some keys to unlock the door to your Yes – would you use the key?
? I’m holding some potent keys that I’ve learnt in nearly 30 years of study in health, therapies, yoga and tantra….and my head is clearing with excitement cos I now so ready to share with you…

I’m offering you a gift on this New Moon…a

FREE Discovery Session 

with me to see if I can help you to tap into what you truly want in life… click the link to arrange a 15 minute skype call and let’s make 2017 your year

Next week is the beginning. See you then London ? I hope you are joining me, there is still time and find out how I can help you connect to your purpose in life so you feel happier and thrive! click here to join a fun day to turn your traumas into triumphs…