Virgo Full Moon

This Sunday, March 12, the Virgo Full Moon is in full luminosity, as I write this I am remembering my Indian Yoga retreat as that’s the last time I wrote about the full moon. Now my husband said to me in the middle of saturday night as she shone bright in our room “the Full Moon is holding so much power tonight” Yes she is!

The Full Moon is a time for transformation, with strength, love and power holding your hand in the light of the moon. The Virgo Full Moon invites you to reflect on your life and lifestyle…

This is the last full moon of winter, and just before the Spring Equinox. So the Virgo full moon is a pre-spring awakening, arousing you to look at what it is you need to transform…

? what would you like to awaken to in your life?

? And how will this spring you forward?

Virgo is an earth sign and the root of Virgo comes from the word “virgin”, is this the pure, untouched woman or  the original meaning, “unmarried.”… which ever Virgo Full Moon is a time to see the pure light within and use this strength to honour yourself as a woman (man). For me it is an invitation for the practices to touch you and for you to see there is always an inner marriage. I am hearing form so many women at present who yearn for a sacred relationship, and I helping them to release the blockages.

Virgo Full Moon

Embrace the power of the Virgin of the Virgo Full Moon

Virgo also loves structure, order, and routine. You may find yourself clearing out your cupboards ready for spring and clearing out anything anything else from your life.

This is a time to wake up, breath in new light that’s as bright and as luminous as the Full Moon and be more mindful rather than have your mind full. The full moon is about clarity. So since Virgo loves routine, and routine creates a habit. Let this time of mindfulness create new habits that become rituals honouring your conscious intentions.  Rituals are ancient, proven over thousands of years to yield results. Rituals invoke intention, bring your desire and make it reality by embodying it. Ritual is about creating conscious intention.

So thinking about what you would wish to awaken, let’s create a seed intention to call it in and let the light of the moon illuminate it in the earthy sign of Virgo.

Virgo has a strong connection to the body. As you ground into the earthiness of this Virgo Full Moon, I invite you to enter your body.  As a teacher of yoga and tantra my whole practice and teachings are an invitation to get out your head and into the magic of your body. So here’s a simple practice for the Full Moon

Virgo Full Moon Practice

Your body is your temple that houses you here on planet Earth. As you align with the fullness of the Full Moon, I wish to share with you a potent practice for you to begin to listen within. You begin to use the power of your breath

close your eyes, become aware of your breath. let your awareness rest in the rhythm of your breath. Let this rhythm slowly guide you beneath the surface of your body and beneath the mind chatter. Begin to observe where you are breathing. and if the breath is in the chest, invite the breath in deeper to your sacred belly, your womb area (ladies) and let your womb wisdom guide you.

the invitation is to let the rhythm of your breath begin to seduce you deeper within the temple of your body. Observe the waves of your thoughts or emotions and observe the waves of your breath. Deepen your breath even more, bring the sound of haaaaa to the inhalation and exhalation, which is called the bliss breath (tantra) or ujjayi (yoga). Let the sound of the breath soothe you and release a sense of bliss, which grounds you.

Every breath, every moment in life is like one wave in the infinite sea of energy.

As you inhale open and expand like a wave rising and as you exhale notice the wave surrenders and becomes one with the ocean.

Inhale open and receive

exhale let go release anything that is bot serving you

rest in the waves…Know that every breath reconnects you to the infinite sea of energy within you, all around you….and this infinite sea of energy connects us all

Now begin to scan you body.

Where do you feel out of alignment?

Can you breath new light here, letting the light of the full moon illuminate where you need to get clear and draw the power and strength from the moon to bring you more into your won fullness as bright and as radiant as the Virgo Full Moon.

Blessing to you

with love

michelle xox

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