What are you committed to?

what are you committed to?I’ve been contemplating my love of the C word, and it resonants with me a lot! so what is the C word, you think I am taking about?

The C word is commitment, I am into it b i g time because when I committed everything changed.

how do you commit? what are you committed to?

this is such a simple question!

this is a powerful question!

perhaps You commit to people, with either the vows you take or the clients you work with, do you commit to causes and projects, do you commit to a spiritual practice, do you commit to yoga or you commit to your faith and beliefs.

Words vs Action

commitmentat this time in my life I am experiencing a lot of non-commitment around me, and since we attract what we are offering out I am contemplating commitment. and my relationship with it and perhaps this exploration may motivate you and transform your life..

I am recommitting to my Yoga  and Tantra practices for myself, so as I embody them more and more and I radiate from this place. The practice of them and the benefits I receive give me courage, energy, grounding to move forward

But first, What does commitment mean?

I began to look into the etymology of words, the roots and prefixes and here’s what I found::

Commitment comes from the latin root committere, which means “to unite, connect, combine; to bring together,” com is “together” + mittere “to put, send” i.e to put together.

this makes me think of Yoga, which means to yoke, or to unite. so you see they are so similar. for Me Yoga is about commitment.

I was once very non-commital, wouldn’t agree to anything in case something better came up or i got a date – i yearned for a committed relationship.  How I would roll in my life was : I would wait until the day, see how i felt for committing or booking something. The dates never really came, and the few dates i did receive were basically from men who were also non comittal because that is what i was putting out. I would complain about them being non-committed, eventually during a lot of soul searching i had a realisation : it was me. I didn’t commit to anything. period, nothing, I was the commitment phobe.

Practical tools for Commitment

what action did I take?  I committed to Yoga, I began to book yoga workshops, yoga classes, retreats, my commitment to yoga certainly did transform my life to one of commitment on all levels.

Words  and their meaning are important, yet it is in their action their meanings manifests.

For you, look where you commit, how is this bringing together your actions? are you happy?

look at what you are doing right now in your life : how is commitment revealed?

I wish to share my truth,  I am wrestling with this myself,  within my own circle of teachings and friendships. I am yearning to share Yoga and Tantra, yet am facing blocks and so I cannot look to the others around me, i can only look at where i am not together, how i am not united and what blocks do I have within me….am i fearful, am i truly embodying the teachings. the latter I know I am so I must have a fear… and as I write it what surfaces is acceptance. and so i am diving deeper into the commitment, to communicate and connect and build a community of like minded women

and so I ask you?
What commitment are you embodying right now?

take a moment, close your eyes to look within, connect with your breath and  ask with no judgement.