What is Sankalpa?

what is sankalpa

In a yoga class, you’re asked to cultivate a sankalpa or say it before class or at the end, but you might be thinking “what is sankalpa?”. I’m here to help…

San = “an idea formed in the heart”
kalpa = “the rule to be observed above all other rules”

A sankalpa is more than a goal or an intention. A sankalpa is a deep knowing already within you, your practice is to let it unfurl and blossom.

What is Sankalpa Shakti?

I take a sankalpa a little deeper and infuse it with the feminine creative energy called Shakti

Shakti = Power or Energy or Creative spark

By bringing it into your conscious you are activating the creative power (shakti) of intent. this is Sankalpa Shakti.

So a sankalpa shakti is an idea formed in the heart that is observed above everything else and shakti brings it into manifestation.

Paradox of what is sankalpa..

You do not have to figure out how to bring it into being, or set goals, your practice is to listen within.

Let me give you a practice to come to listen and begin to awaken or connect you to your own sankalpa.

  • have a note pad and pen nearby


  • read this though and then practice

Sit comfortably, feels your roots, whether it is your feet on the ground, or your sitting bones if crossed legged, spine is tall. become aware of your breath, let you breath guide you deeper within your body by closing your eyes. feel your breath in your body.

  • by tuning into your body you move away from the left analytical brain that is analysing and logically thinking to the right creative brain of feeling and pleasure….

As you begin to feel the breath with in your body, bring your two hands in front of your heart palms up, into Hasta Mudra. The two hands represent two vessels to receive. begin to feel your breath and receive the intuitive voice within you

ask your self : and write down the answers – nothing is right or wrong

▼ What do I truly yearn for?

▼ What is really important to me?

▼ What makes my heart beat so passionately?

▼ What do I wish to receive to open more fully?


Create your Sankalpa

Now you have your answers to any of the questions that spoke to you. look at them and circle 3 that jump out at you. don’t over think it. close your eyes and then look at the paper.

formulate a sankalpa from these with a forward moving statement beginning with

? I am


? I have

examples :

? I am confident or I have confidence

? I am healthy

? I connect to my purpose in life – this is a good one if you don’t know

? I am Grounded or I have patience

You may use a sankalpa for anything. I moved my whole life from London to Barbados with the power of my sankalpa in 2014. Write down your sankalpa as well as say it – why? this brings it into the physical from the thought realm, this helps it manifest as you have written it down, declaring it in writing!

here’s a meditation that might bring you into your body and help you listen, and form a sankalpa

good luck

love Michelle x