Winter woes as Spring calls

Winter woes as Spring calls in. Spring Equinox is just around the corner this MoonDay 20 March, in addition to it arrives on a half moon, half light and half dark, which is very apt.

I invite you to reflect over the weekend ::

Winter woes as spring calls

Winter woes as spring calls

?how has Winter woes fertilised the soil of your being?
?how has every leaf that has fallen as Winter got darker and life sent you even darker challenges, how has every leaf become a fertiliser… 
?how have these become the mulch, the nourishment, the nectar for you to embrace within the ground of your being?
?is the darkness of your soul ready to light up with Spring? How?

Yes life is dark ~ Winter woes as Spring calls in
I hear your pain ~ Winter woes
But pain turns you on to your purpose when you move it through your sacred body
Then Yes, life brings you to your knees

But there on your knees, you are so close to Mother Earth, so (re)connect to Her, to you. To your holy body, because your body is the holy meeting place between the earth and the divine.

Winter woes as Spring calls in ~ I want to hear your call, your song, your prayer, your deepest desire, your ecstasy cry of sheer pleasure that is dripping in holy reverence…


Winter woes as Spring calls in all Women…

?Women dig deep these last few days of Winter and honour the holy portal of your body, which carries the holiest darkest yet luminous, most life creating vessel ever ?your womb?

So now, like never before create the life you utterly desire….let your creative sex centre speak to you...your truth
Life is cyclic, women are cyclic… your moon cycle is cyclic – bleeding, creating, nurturing, shedding and letting go. This happens every month. the winter woes as Spring calls in is like the bleeding darkness to create and nurutre the next phase
Rise just as you are Sisters and sing your song. Let our chorus be heard far n wide…
Write your desires in your heart on a piece of paper or here. But use the darkness of winter woes as Spring calls in the new ripe and potent phase full of possibility, symbolised by the the last quarter half dark half light moon ?
Deep bow ????

winter woes as spring calls in, love michelle


?And Men, hold space for the Goddesses you love, they will lead you on the holiest, most unequivocal journey of your life… if you let her Unfurl and blossom from the darkest of Winter, she’ll shed light on your soul, and take you with her the marriage of holy ecstasy, the god and the goddess entwined…