Yoga is a Journey

Yoga is a Journey

Yoga is a Journey


“Yoga is a journey of the self, Through the self, to the Self “~ Bhagavad Gita


I’ve been practicing with this for a while now and offering to classes. this quote is fro the Bhagavad Gita which means the song of God and for me quite literally, these inspiration invites me to journey inwards to connect more deeply with the Divine that is One with my Self.

The Bhagavad Gita is saying Yoga is a journey; indeed it is this is the sadhana, the spiritual practice. this begins to open you up as you journey through the layers of yourself and there you connect to the inner luminous self.

In Class

During class and my own practice, I’ve begun working with a Vajra Mudra. Mudras are hand gestures that mystical change the energy within the body and invoke intention on your journey.


I love this Mudra – a form of a Vajra which means Diamond and its intention is to help you polish the diamond light with you which is the Self the Bhagavad Gita is saying. like the journey in yoga a diamond only comes to shine under extreme heat and pressure and then it rises fro the centre of the earth and this heat and pressure causes it to shine. does this sound similar for you as a Yogi/Yogini? the practices of Yoga churn you, yoga is the journey i the beginning, as they churn you go through the self, the many layers we all have and then through the practices that heat you up, literally ‘cook’ you the journey is to the Self, the indestructible Self that is luminous within you and for me this is like the diamond

This yoga is a journey invites the Yogi/Yogini to rise to the challenges. In this mudra, the hands are interlaced at the heart, and press the hands gentle, yet firmly into the chest and feel the rise of the breath, this is the invitation for you the Yogi’Yogini to rise to the challenges that yoga presents and indeed life presents you. you keep going and with steady, unwavering practice you begin to shine.

Yoga is a Journey especially with Ganesha

ganeshaYes yoga is a journey, where many obstacles arise, I often think of Ganesh here. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, yet paradoxically he puts them there to see how you as the yogi/yogini rise to the challenge. The twists and turns of life are like the twisted trunk of Ganesha. In my sadhana I invoke Ganesh to help me on my yoga journey. I use his symbolism :: His broad brow represents discernment, his large ears are your ability to turn inwards and recognise the challenges before they turn into insurmountable obstacles. also to listen to others, his small eyes are the drishti, your inner gaze to look within,  his big belly represents the ability to digest all life’s experiences fully, giving us energy t continue and savour the sweetness even when sour. Vakratunda, another name for Ganesha loves sweetness! and His trunk is is the one pointed focus so you focus on one thing at a time rather than move from one thing to the next on the twisted path of life. You have your goal, or vision in mind and although you may not get from A to B directly the path my have twists and turns and obstacles, you keep your intention on your ultimate desire. I love that one of his feet is solidly on the ground and the other raised in meditation which is his ability to be fully present in the physical material world yet also align deeply with the spiritual world, your spiritual being which is the Self in Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the Self. the path may have obstacles yet commit to the journey and you will taste the fruit of your sadhana.

so I ask you ::

how is your journey to the Self?

are you embracing the sweetness that is sometimes sour and rises to polish the diamond of the Self?

I do hope so! more on mudras and mythical yoga flow very soon!

with deep respect



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