As 2015 draws to a close and we approach the Winter Solstice, the darkest time of year and the return of the light, I’ve been contemplating my intention for 2016 for a few months and also what it means to be a Yogini.

This is how my teacher Chameli Ardagh from the Awakening Women’s Institute describes::

“A Yogini is a woman devoted to a life lived with totality of heart with fierce truth compassion and unconditional love.  She practices for her own radiant embodiment of awakening and love as well as for the healing for all sentient beings”

I love this!

literally A yogini is a female practitioner of yoga, or a woman awakening to their feminine essence through practices of the yoga.

For me::

a yogini is a feminine practitioner of yoga, who does her yoga with every sacred breath, that she becomes yoga.  A yogini embodies Yoga with commitment. She un-does the doing to be. The fire of the practice, is fierce burning away the old to ignite her awakening to come into the feminine flow of who she truly is.


the seat of the yogini is::

a seat of commitment
 a seat of surrender
 a seat of authenticity

This seat you take is revealed when you are called to or ready to evolve more on your spiritual path with yoga. when you are called, your commitment naturally arises and the more you surrender the old ways of being, paradoxically the endless doing, competing, or gripping you embody surrender and be and your authenticity blossoms forth…

The seat of the yogini is a holy place of pilgrimage, that you embody within the eternal circle of women that has been passed down for generations. Your seat is unique to you, just like your unique thread of life makes up the rich tapestry of life.

are you a Yogini?

are you ready to take your seat?