Yoni Magic

Yoni MagicWhat is Yoni Magic? you might be asking… and how may this alchemy help you to feel?

Yoni Magic’s Alchemy

This video is one that I offered live in my facebook group to help women feel more alive, vibrant and have enormous amount of energy that they can harness for all their creative pursuits. I believe this is a fundamental practice for all women

You’ll learn the importance of your Yoni and the practice with her plus what Yoni Bandha is. In case you’re not aware a Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, vulva, womb inclusive of the whole reproductive systems in a woman

Yoni Bandha Benefits

+ Tones vagina
+ Aids digestions
+ Balances Hormones
+ Prevents incontinence – this is huge!
+ Turns on the energy in whole pelvic area
+ Calms the nervous system

I think you’ll want some of this.

You” learn this is a spiritual practice that connects you to your psyche. This isn’t just physical practice like kegels, Yoni magic goes way beyond this and you’ll find out how in this video

Hope you enjoy discovering more… about you, the magic of your body, your yoni and yoni magic!

with love,

Michelle xox

Ps in case you want to learn Yoni Yoga – just let your finger move your mouse to hover on Yoni Yoga