Anahata Chakra Videos

the journey up the ladder of the chakras continues, as you move onto a new arena, the central point of the chakras, the spiritual centre of the heart ~♥ Anahata Chakra ♥~ your spiritual centre, the heart of your being, your heart fire and for me I like to think of Anahata as the heart of the temple of the body… from this chamber is where you give and receive L O V E
The journey of exploration through the Chakras, the invitation is to invoke Anahata’s purpose; to seek integration, connection & unity on all levels of your being with radiant love and light.

anahata affirmationI invite you to read this picture out loud 3 times,

then repeat it again 3 times whispering,
then look upon the words and what sentence is your heart whispering to you?
repeat this 3 times within

Anahata Meditation
May this simple breath meditation seduce you deeper within the marriage of your breath and your awareness, which is the first Union of ShuvaShakti
How do you allow yourself to open your heart ❤and experience love?

As you stand in your truth of Virabdrahasana II embrace every aspect of yourself ::
are you willing to ask for entry into your own heart?
Dive into the movement meditation and seek the intimacy of relationship in the left and right, front and back, inside and out.
As you embrace yourself at your heart level with your arms physically and in essence metaphorically may you find a connection with love of all the parts of yourself that create the Divine whole…
as you embrace yourself – what do you love about you?

Love and Gratitude are keys, major shakti keys for the heart chakra

coming up in the next post…