Cycles of Life

It feels like a new dawn to me at present, so many revelations surfacing…makes me think of a T.S Elliot quote I love

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

I deep resounding ahhhh from me! The journey of exploration on my yoga mat this morning, left me melting, felt like a true coming home, melting the boundaries I had built up. and although I had done all of the yoga vinyasas before, I knew them for the first time with new eyes…

Would you too like to feel like this on your mat so you take it into your life?

if yes… I offer you to tune in with the cyclic pattern of nature with the events I am  offering to help you to come deeper in touch with your true nature, just as i on the journey dive deeper into mine…

New DawnNew Dawn – Cycles of Life

I’m reflecting on the forthing coming weeks with an excited smile ( hence my current weekly theme of smiling on and off the mat at YogaRelax) I have so many events happening leading up to the Summer Solstice and then my birth day in July. It’s awe inspiring time that I yearn to share with you.

for me personally, I attend, virtually or in person many courses to keep me on the path, so that I am able to offer and serve you more. in June and July I have course with 4 teachers who inspire me, Sianna Sherman, Shiva Rae, Kathryn Budig and Chameli Ardagh everyone in their own unique way empower. the first course I am about to begin is 3 day intensive training with my teacher Sianna Sherman entitled Riding with Tigers – another ahhhh! as you know I am honouring the Divine Feminine this year (and will be every year of my blessed life) and Durga, is the Divine Feminine rides a Tiger or a Lion.  I’ve also been teaching profound feminine practices about riding tigers, because in today’s society  women are pursuing a masculine role to succeed rather than utilising their innate feminine power, which doesn’t battle or push, but receive and so they have the  feeling that the tiger  is breathing down their necks, instead of riding the tiger!  does this strike a chord with you? do you wanna learn more?

the interconnectedness of women encourages the unfurling and blossoming so it is exquisite, like the blossoming of a big fluffy peony flower in full radiant abundant bloom!

what women need?

Women love pleasure – they need pleasure to thrive in the cycles of life! and men if you’re reading thise these are notes to make note of if you wish to have great relationships with the women in your life… and so now this picture below gives you a taste of the sweetness of pleasure..

nectar of the honey teachings

The nectar of the teachings i share is like honey dripping sweetly into my/your being, like I’m drinking the nectar of amrita, called soma that comes from inner moon at the crown chakra. Every sweet drop is seducing and caressing me deeper into my Tantric practices; it is liberating…. I share my own awakening with you in my forth coming events. My own awakening is not just full of all joys and light, I have dark times, tears flow anger rages, I react rather than reflect and then i learn to pause and receive… tantra embraces the light and the dark, its’ embrace the whole and weaving it into one, a union that is divine and sacred…

full moonSacred Union

The nectar of the teachings invites you to the first event in this cycle of life  – the  Full Moon Sadhana in June. How wonderful to honour the fullness of you! It arises after my teacher training and a  retreat I am attending so I will be full to offer you.

June’s Full Moon on friday 13th is called Honey Moon, as its the time when the honey is gathered from the hives and the earth is at its ripe fertile time as the sun peaks at Summer Solstice on 21st June. this is the beginning of astrological sign of cancer, my sign which is peak summer and is ruled by the moon – hence my personal desire to honour the natural cycles of life with you this year. this current cycle started with Beltane on 1 May with the sacred union of the god and goddess and so June is a sweet month for weddings and a time to honour the potent union of the earth, sun and moon.

In the month of June the union of the fire (sun) and water (moon) peaks after the Full Moon sadhana with My Summer Solstice workshop is named Warriors, Wisdom and the Sun… this one is definitely one for the boys, for their power, their strength and vigour as the Sun, Surya is a male deity and the fire of the Universe that rises and sets every single day without you even thinking about it. and of course it is for the ladies too, we are all come one and sweat our stress into bliss through 108 Sun salutations! the meaning of 108 is a great read do take a look! it doesn’t matter if you do every 108 sun salutations its the coming together to celebrate life, the courage to honour you at the highest like the highest peak of the sun. the wisdom story I will share is enlightening too….

FireKeeperHonoring the Solstice is a reminder just how precious each day and season is…as the wheel of the year turns The Summer Solstice is a magically time to celebrate the light of consciousness within yourself and within each and every person you know.

I’d love you to join me for this workshop and reflect on the first 6 months of 2014 and maybe throw into the fire of the sun that which is no longer serving you and plant new seeds for the next six months – book now any of these events by emailing or calling me!

I look forward to sharing with you, I share from my heart the teachings that have bee gifted to me with the intention of creating a community of healthy happy men and women.

thank you for reading!

with L O V E,

Michelle x