Divine Union

Divine Union is my theme for this year. The Divine Union that Tantra epitomises. I share this today on my Husband Shon’s Birthday, EarthDay. For he takes me to ultimate Divine Union. His mirror to me has empowered me to connect to my own Divine Union within.

Divine Union?S A C R E D      M A S C U L I N E ?

I truly honour the Sacred Masculine. I’ve taken time away from social media to heal. I break my silence of late to honour and adorn how my man has held such reverent space for me over a very turbulent year. This new year, this new birth year is just that unknown and yet in this liminal space, fresh, especially every moment with my Beloved.

I, like many women, have wounds around the masculine and Shon’s beinginess, our commitment and marriage has empowered my small self to expand into my true soul self. To him, to us, to life’s journey I bow.?

The Sacred Masculine is to be honoured. To all those men who through the face of challenge, chaotic, erratic, ever- changing woman ways, stand tall and steady like a mountain for her. Standing tall and strong like Mount Meru. And allow his coiled Goddess to unfurl and rise and r i s e and R I S E…

For her to rise, she has to embrace her darkness, surrender to trust, maybe for the 1st time. Or the this time.

For me this practice of t r u s t, came through chanting Om Namah Shivaya. Shiva revealed to me the many patriarchal ways I had been taught, that I had taken on and now lived in me. My masculine masks felt safe and the habitual ways of gripping, doing, analysing kept me limited in my small self. The upside is Shiva meditations taught me to create such a powerful vessel to be ready for the true awakening of
S H A K T I…

My marriage became a huge Shakti Key to open new doors to healing, Shon, my true Shiva with his dreadlocks, his phenomenal dancing, his chilled Rasta ways that fire up from time to time, holds his own trident proud, penetrated the numbness, the dark hidden spaces and his healing shone the light in my sacred space. He takes me… in every way to new realm and to him and the Sacred Masculine within him I am ever grateful.

Divine Union for You

Tantra plays with polarity, e.g light/dark, strong/soft, masculine/feminine, just like a battery needs negative and positive to create power and magnetise together. The bigger the polarity the greater the charge, and magnetism. The polarity in Tantra creates the experience of unity or a coming together. Yoga means to yoke or union. And so for me Tantra Yoga is  practice of ultimate Divine Union, a meeting of the polarities in balance and harmony, with acceptance to allow and magnetise.

Divine Union

Shiva Lingham

My intention for 2018 for myself, my husband, my family, my friends, my work and my clients is :

May this Divine Union be held in reverent relationship :

  • within your body,
  • with your own inner masculine and feminine.

Ultimately, may the union be divine with the God and the Goddess….

I hope to share practices and offerings as prayers, as pujas (heartfelt offerings).

I will share many practices wit hDivine Union so watch this space…

For now enquire :

?How does the Masculine show up in your life?

?Do you dare to honour the sacredness of He?
?And let he truly enter HEr with devotion as worship

He is always within HEr ???


Jai ma! Jah Rastafaria!