Feel Fully Alive As A Woman

– Liberate Your Feminine Energy 

In my last Tantra workshop in Barbados, the question I was asked the most at the end was

“how do I bring this energy (the kind I teach about) in my body, to feel more alive everyday AND during sexual intimacy?”

And in my monthly Red Tent Women’s Circles questions have been asked

“how do I experience full body orgasms? Or what is an orgasmic lifestyle!“

So I’ve created a theoretical and very practical workshop for you ladies!
It’s on the day after the Full Moon, The Full Moon energy is all about power, clarity and climax. This Fullness empowers the workshops, bringing you into your full Tantra Energy. I share with you another practice of climax that last way beyond 5-30 seconds!

And I am talking about the elephant in the room straight away!

The big O – O R G A S M

This will either freak you out and you feel ashamed or you say YES and wanna know more! Hopefully you’re the latter.

feel fully alive as a woman

Feel Fully Alive As A Woman Workshop

23rd November 4pm-6.30pm

@ Michelle Cross



WHAT YOU RECEIVE : During this workshop  will teach you Feminine Tantra Practices and juicy sensual (easy) yoga for your feminine body.
Feminine practices are very different from the masculine, most of the scriptures, bibles, philosophy’s are written by men for men. They don’t get the essence of a woman.
The Tantra I have been initiated into and teach is from the Matriachy, for women.

Feel Fully Alive as a Woman will empower you with theoretical knowledge, so you understand more about your feminine body and what she craves.
And you receive 2 phenomenal take home practices to continue your journey into abundant aliveness.

STORY : Stories are the oldest form of healing art that exist, and I am an evocative storyteller, what I share empowers you to change your story. I will introduce you to a potent powerful feminine archetype that’s been in herstory for 1000’s and 1000’s of years. She is ripe and potent for the modern day woman.
She teaches you, your superpowers are right there in your fingertips.

Her archetypal feminine energy liberates, makes you feel more;
🔻turned onto life,
🔻turned ont
o yourself and your super feminine capabilities and the impact they make in your life!

Having been teaching women for nearly 30 years I’ve learnt from them; Women have a longing for authentic connection and intimacy. We also want more energy and more confidence, basically more until we truly feel it…

🔻Some go to church and sing gospel
🔻Others go to a nightclub and dance to feel liberated, using intoxicants to aid the process
🔻Whilst others sing chants like at kirtan or go to a yoga class to move energy

Society has taught women to look outside of themselves to feel fully alive, rather than within their feminine bodies.
Many are stuck in their head analysing, logically strategises, they’ve forgotten how to get into the body and the magic there.

I want to help you remember.

This is the inner yoga, any woman can do.

Yes there is definitely more. Yes we are born omnipresent and innately ecstatic, even fully orgasmic, yet life numbs this, people forget and then seek to reconnect to this state.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN : In this workshop I will share ancient Tantra practices that awaken you to your inherent state of aliveness.
You are erotic alive that is like Mother Nature. The erotic is not just about sex, she’s way bigger than the limited box sex has placed her in.
She doesn’t just dissipate after 30 seconds

You’ll learn how to raise energy from an ordinary everyday level to higher realms, ecstatic realms.

In this 2 ½ hour Feel Fully Alive As A Woman workshop you will learn :

THEORY : The geeky science stuff – the ancient Tantrikas knew and understood 1000’s of years ago and so carries a lineage that has been proven to work
🔻Psychology around pleasure, orgasm
🔻Anatomy of female arousal and orgasm
🔻Science behind your erotic potential

Tantra PRACTICES : this is the juice you get to practice. This quenches a woman thirst
🔻Practices to get out your head and into the magic of your body
🔻How to raise this ecstatic erotic energy – just for you OR in the bedroom if you have a willing partner

🔻A 7 Minute practice to centre and ground you in your daily life
🔻A 15 minute practice that sets you on the journey to igniting your aliveness as a woman

How many of us have been encourage to explore our sexuality and re-learn how to be ecstatic?
Not many… society or religions have taught its a sin or good girls don’t do that.

Notice I say re-learned. Remember I said we as woman are born fully inherently ecstatic we just have to reconnect to her energy within!

Let me show you in this fun, vivacious, sexy yet deeply sacred workshop!

Book Your Place now, Just email Me, Michelle or check out the Facebook Event Page to ask more.

See you under the light of the Full Moon!