Red Tent Barbados

Red Tent BarbadosWelcome to the Red Tent Barbados. The Red Tent is a monthly women’s circle that supports women to (re)-connect with who they are and their feminine power. When women come together just as many women or previous generations before us did, the magic blossoms. The Red Tent is the ancient wisdom, bought forth for the modern day woman.

In ancient times, before electricity, women would gather together as they bleed, traditionally with the Dark New Moon in the Red Tent to share wisdom, honour their feminine energy and renew their power for the new cycle. All phases of a women – Maiden, Mother Crone came to share and explore their dreams, hopes, visions and be held within the arms of sisterhood to heal. They shared the secrets of the universe through the potent portal of their wombs. They learnt new ways of being, giving, receiving, bonding, loving, forgiving and embodying their feminine power so they all blossomed.

Now it is your turn, The Red Tent Barbados revives this tradition, of women gathering to share, learn, support each other in community. We offer this in person every month  and my   Facebook page shares the monthly meet ups.

Red Tent barbadosWithin the safe sanctuary space of the Red Tent you’ll enter a womb-like environment to nurture your body, heal your heart and renew your spirit. There’s nothing to do, you can let go of your daily responsibilities and feel cared for by all the women who join.

The intention is together to explore the secrets of being a woman and nourish our feminine essence so we emerge refreshed, renewed and empowered by what we all share, hold and witness.

Recently we all talked of the potency we all have through our menstrual cycle, or moon time. One womb wisdom I shared to reduce bleeding, pain and to also heal our ancestral lineage was to use a MoonCup and so here I share with you how to begin this journey. They also save our environment so we are kinder to Mother Earth. Get yours here . They also save our environment so we are kinder to Mother Earth. I reveal more in my FREE eBook and email series too – find out more on the Moon and You _the power of Conscious Menstruation here

The Red Tent Circle will become the holy space for you to tune into the universal rhythms, Mother Nature, the fertile land of Barbados, and as you cultivate trust, you’ll tune into you as a woman to unfurl, allow and blossom as Nature does. You’ll naturally let go of not-enoughtness, the mundane, over-sacrificing, neediness, co-dependency, and step into your power as a woman, who is happy within her own skin.

🔻The Red Tent Barbados🔻

is held as near to the New Moon ⚫ every month.
The Moon is feminine, and has many phases or faces just like women. The New Moon as her name suggests is about new-ness, renewal, re-birth and tuning in to re-connect. She’ll teach you to go into the dark, embrace the darker side of your nature and bring what you need to light. You’ll learn how to let go of doing, gripping, and grasping that society has expected or taught us, through pain, suppression or trauma. Through the Red Tent you begin to learn and go into every phase of the moon and how each empowers you in your life. You get to experience in person what I teach in my free online Moon course + much much more.

Are you ready Sister to take your seat in the Red Tent?


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