Good bye 2016 hello 2017

goodbye-2016-hello-2017I know many cannot wait to say good bye 2016 hello 2017, yet for me personally 2016 has been ground breaking. I know on a global scale many are suffering, politically there was up-roar in UK and USA. I believe this needed to happen for real change to be born and after all, half the population did decide. I also believe that until each individual makes changes within themselves how may we see the changes rippling.

For me i embrace the good bye 2016 hello 2017 not because 2016 was challenging, quite the opposite. My theme for 2016 was ‘Awakening Shakti‘ where i wrote :

Awakening Shakti
~ a pilgrimage of sacred arousal
~ with holy worship and presence
When a woman awakens to her essence, she comes alive…

For me 2016 is a deeper exploration of the awakening of shakti within the whole my being, physically, emotionally, without a doubt spiritually and sexually and sensually. for you it may be different, I might introduce you to shakti and you begin to release the grip of the old way of being that are probably more masculine and linear.

I yearn for you to become in real relationship with your body, to come home to you, to align to this as if it is worship, an honouring of who you are. I invite you to come into a right relationship with your body so it becomes a holy pilgrimage. the place to begin is awakening the senses, and this awakens your sensuality and your sexuality.

Having just re-read this as i write this blog,  I cannot  begin to tell you how on a personal level Shakti has shown up in my life. It certainly has been a pilgrimage of sacred arousal and holy worship with myself and my husband. This year I deepened my Tantra practices 108%. I experienced kundalini rising in my body and this is also know as full body orgasms. where I began to marry the erotic and the holy in nearly everything i did. Shavasana after my yoga became pure bliss, with waves of energy. Everything I have been practicing for 8 years deepened. And the peak of this year, I have just finished a intensive training with Psalm Isadora and now in 2017 begin to share everything globally. so YES hello 2017!

I have had my fair share of challenges – for me this is life. there is contraction and then expansion. It is like an orgasm, there is immense contraction within the body before (if you let it) an immense expansion and release of the energy of an orgasm, which for me is waves and waves of shakti…

My husband and I after visiting Kali Temple

My husband and I after visiting Kali Temple

My trip to India, which was my very belated honeymoon, wasn’t the erotic encounter i had wanted. I became very ill so my  visualisation of  beautiful love making after being in  the Kama Sutra Temples  and Khajuraho didn’t happen.

Yet this physical clearing I now know occurs when I am being taught a lesson. It happened in 2009 when i couldn’t walk, and had to learn how to literally walk again and metaphorically i chose the path of Feminine Tantra Practcies.

So this time India and my illness made me and my husband deepen intimacy by being together, holding each other and my husband definitely held space for me. I was so ill, fragile, weak, not the sexiest! Yet in all the holy cities of Varanasi, Khajuraho, then Kerala – God’s own Country we deepened intimacy and connection.

and this is what people are starving for – intimacy and connection. and what ‘awakening shakti’ has been guiding me towards empowering women and couple to deepen connection and intimacy.

Many of you may not be a goddess worshipper like me, that’s fine. I will teach you the ancient tantra methods made super modern. We are not taught how to be vulnerable and intimate, we are not given a book on how to connect or make love – well good bye 2016 hello 2017 or good bye old ways hello the new methods! I am going to share it all with you!

Since moving to the Caribbean in 2014 I’ve been very quiet, because i’ve been literally practicing everything with myself and my husband.

so if you are ready to awaken to something new, to deepen connection and experience true intimacy with yourself or your partner – watch this space! I have many exciting events and offering coming your way.

for now, thank you 2016! good bye 2016 hello 2017, it all begins with the powerful New Moon on 29 December in Capricorn (my husbands birth sign!) and as you know the moons are something i’ve been following for over 25 years pretty much the same time my spiritual journey began…


see you in 2017!