How long have you been stuck?
I wrote a post on my Facebook page, to help to raise awareness that may women struggle with shame, fears, doubts.  And then a few days later the #metoo went viral, where women shared if they had been sexually harassed or abused. I so strongly believe there is a massive shift blossoming from the old paradigm to the new light of awareness. And what is so special for all of this, is it’s the beginning of Diwali, the festival that honours the victory of good over evil, or the light illuminating the dark.
So here’s my post below or view it in Facebook here and I’ll share my #metoo video from my private Facebook group  

How long have you been stuck ?

How long have you been stuckIt’s taken me a long time this year. To emerge from the dark, mud of life and blossom and feel like a lotus….some will just look at the picture. Others will read beneath the covers…Which are you?A death has meant a total re-birth of everything I thought I knew. Death of the old doubts, fears, beliefs and habits. This death was an initiation of a deeper way. Before I rose I had to utterly lose all sense of self. Hiding was my escape, and yet in the hidden realms and masks I wore, body shame seeped beneath my skin, the scream of silence deafened me and who could I turn to? Me.

I shed the layers of lies, that had been feeding me and began listening to my own teachings. I tapped into my power. The death taught me authenticity is key. I walk my talk. That’s the fundamental lesson this death has taught me. Be real. Masks off. F#€$ the bravado and BS.

Yet paradoxically look what I’m wearing. Is this not Tantra. Weaving it all together to expand and become one.

So yes, base line, it’s been a long while, since I am happy in my own skin. It’s taken a year to own the confidence to wear this kind of dress, a Herve. 1. it reminds me of her, the death that triggered my own rebirth, the loss of who I thought I was, the huge financial loss and the subsequent holding on because of fear, and shame in so many guises.

And so it seems apt prior to Diwali the festival of light that symbolises the victory over demons. Apt that I rise. And rise with even more potency and wisdom of a woman. A woman who embraces her changes, her cycle as a woman and happy to wear her crown to use my voice. A voice of hope for other women who suffer, loose confidence, fear speaking their truth and yearn for intimacy that touches the depths of their soul… I am here. And from the fertile soil the Phoenix rises. Let me help you rise too.

This is the potency of sisterhood

Jai Ma

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So How long have you been stuck?… in the same patterns that diminish your light, your beauty, you confidence to rise. Join my group and I share potent practices to help you. Because I have been through the fire, I hold space for you to burn through the old paradigm and enter the new rising.