Ignite Love ?

Ignite Love Leo Full MoonThis Full Moon this saturday kicks off my ?Ignite Love ? Yoga & Ayurveda Massage Retreat in India… I’m feeling The Leo Moon, symbolised by the Lion, is inviting us all to take off the masks we may hide behind & roar!



This February 2017 there’s 2 supercharged eclipses one at Full Moon and one at the New Moon. Wow this is super potent ❣ Lunar eclipse occur during the full moon, while solar eclipse occur during new moon.

This 1st one is Leo, the lion and I think of the Divine Feminine, Ma Durga riding her lion and then the 2nd is on the most auspicious Maha Shivaratri night honouring the Divine Masculine, Shiva. And the Divine Masculine & Feminine in union is what my whole work and life honours (more later in post)

Eclipses occur when the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are all aligned. do you feel in alignment?

???A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon and the Sun are on exact opposite sides of Earth.
This is an important time for thinking about your life, illuminating what you you need, want or who you need to let go of and move on from or forgive so you may shine fully.

???A solar eclipse happens when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun. This is extremely powerful time for new beginnings so setyour intention for the coming six months. Don’t waste them!

Intention & Ritual

Ma Durga riding LionSo for me, my intention for my ?ignite love ? retreat is to empower those who attend to embrace the divine love and union within themselves and let that union mirror all around in their lives. To move beyond the fear and reignite your passion and fuel our self-belief and shine from you courageous heart.

Leo, the Lion or Lioness is inviting me and you to be courageous and the king or queen of our jungle (life) to break through any old habitual way that are keep re-enacting and shine from our vision or desire for our life.

The roar I am inviting my retreatees to embrace is through powerful tantra pranayama – I will teach sound and this sound through mantra and pranayama will become the mighty roar of freedom.

This lunar eclipse in Leo, the lion makes me smile because I think of riding lions, and Ma Durga. And this is one of my lessons on the retreat. Durga invites you to (re-)commit, embrace courage and ride the potent power energy of the lion. The lion is a teacher of discernment and trust. The lion is also energy, one with the potent sexual creative energy. So you can either become one with your energy and ride your lion or you’ll have a lion breathing down your neck.

ShivaAnd at the end of my ?ignite love ? retreat I honour Shiva, the auspicious one, who holds the space for my feminine energy to dance and grounds me to share my light with the world. Without his potent seed I’d be wild, yet my power gives him life…
He is always within HEr… the Shiva Lingham taught me that on my last visit to India.

For now as you approach the Leo Full Moon (re)ignite l o v e…. as A Relationship and Tantra Coach this is what I teach. You are your first soul mate, one of my teachers taught me this and so I share.

next week is Valentines, whether in partnership or yearning for one or not let this Full Moon be the key ? for to you rise, roar and rejoice in the Divine Union co-mingling within. These potent energies (masculine and feminine) make love all the time within.
? I think of the trident that Shiva and Shakti forms hold as well as the emblem of Barbados ?? where my Beloved is from. And the 3 energies like if a trident, so as the sun and moon are opposite the earth come into your own true nature and let the waves of orgasmic energy flow as the masculine and feminine come in union… if you’d like me to teach you how, there’s loads in  my gift for you.

Go shine bright like the moon and roar the sound of freedom, look up at her in the next few days and know we are all so intimately connected!