Ma Durga

I Just love teaching about Ma Durga, She truly is my mythic Mother, and everything about Her has bought me to the place I am today. Ever since I began teaching about Her and helping each and every women I meet to connect to their frequency of Ma Durga, I am in awe of the power I see blossom within each of the women – they come into their feminine essence and confidence.

Ma Durga riding Lion

Who is Ma Durga?

Before I tell you Her story,(which i LOVE please stay with me – there’s so much to say just like there is so much to know and understand about any women, and there multi facets, but this is THE Divine Feminine!)

POST UPDATE if you want to skip to the end where I share a video 2 years after writing this blog, please do, then maybe read to assimilate all the potent transformational keys.

Firstly I’d like to share what Her name means ::

Ma Durga is the invincible one, the protectress, the fortress, Durga comes from the root Dur – which means to remove. Ma Durga removes the blockages and suffering that limit us, so we are invincble. She’s removing the false protection mechanisms that build fortresses

She is the aspect of the mother that is fearless in her truth and devotion to life. She is a fierce warrior goddess, demon slayer, and Mother.

Her names are Ma, or Shakti… everything  shared with you is full of Shakti Keys (in blush pink)  for you to embrace. Like Her name as Fortress, this can be the fortress that you built up around yourself to protect yourself – have you? You know those safe boxes that we women put things in to feel safe? 🙂 Ma Durga is fierce and invites you to be bare, vulnerable, all walls down resting in your truth, the truth of who you are… yep this may seem scary at first, but believe me, in time the love you feel the liberation is so much stronger.

She is power behind spiritual awakening, the inner force that unleashes spiritual power in form of Kundalini (ahhhhhh coiled at the muladhara between you thighs!)

Durga is a frequency, she is a frequency of you, (remember my blog on gods and goddesses ?  they are mirrors reflecting back our light – we are one and the same our journey is to rediscover this…) so when you practice you align with this frequency – how BIG are you going to align? Or are you going to put it in those safe boxes to categorize to limit you. Ma Durga is always here and much bigger than you can ever imagine…

Call upon Ma Durga

She’s fierce as she’s called upon in need, (conch shell held in one of her 10 arms) or when she is needs to protect the world and at the time 1000’s n 1000’s of years ago there was a great big battle about to destroy the world. you will learn this soon..

Yet Her fierceness arises out of her unique potent compassion and love, she emanates from love, she is the lover of truth in everything she dance emanates from these love and nurturing of the truth.

She is the power, not a power that is over powering anyone or collapsing in defeat, her source of power is her commitment ( iccha shakti) to what she knows to be true, her mission and purpose (Dharma). She moves from truth to truth with love and her purpose is to restore happiness and love to the world

She is the mother that we take refuge in when we need shelter, she’s always there. The times of trouble would challenge the battles in life that you may face this time term call forth the fortitude call forth the love.

In Devi Mahatmya the story about Ma Durga, is a great message :: the force of love & dharma, have no fear is the fertile ground, to awaken.  even if you are shaking and vulnerable, go beyond the fear, rise and roar like her Lion,  FEEL the feelings and you will see She is there as a Mother to nurture you with her many arms… resist and the lion is breathing down your neck!

MaDurgaMa Durga’s Many Arms:  Durga is depicted as having eight or ten hands. These represent eight quadrants or ten directions in Hinduism.

This suggests that she protects the devotees from all directions. and yogini’s you will learn from the story the arms are not because she is a master of multi-tasking – she has no need for this…we need to learn this (well i do – do you?)

Ma Durga’s Three Eyes Like Shiva, Ma Durga is also referred to as “Triyambake” meaning the three eyed Goddess. The left eye represents desire (the moon), the right eye represents action (the sun), and the central eye knowledge (fire). Her vision is great for the whole world!

Ma Durga’s Vehicle – the Lion, sometimes tiger
(stories were originally oral so people would change them saying Lion or tiger) represents power, will and determination. Ma Durga riding the lion symbolises her mastery over all these qualities, she is one with the Lion and her inner power. This suggests to us that one has to possess all these qualities to get over the demon of ego…. which is represented in the story… drum roll please!

Ma Durga Story

When Ma Durga comes into being in the Devi Mahatmyma it is on a battlefield. 3 encounters, 2 battles with demonic forces, an interesting one is 2 brothers Shumbha & Nishumbha

There is a big battle field and the gods have been thrown out to the heavens, lost, confused and the Demons are up there and about to win the war and take over the world. this Battle is  between light and dark

durga-killing-mahisasurathe Demons = represent aspects of the self that create conflict or competition or separation so ultimately they attack, pain, suffering

the gods = represent aspects of self that the more awake, loving, kind, compassionate, patience, fearlessness and liberating, seeks union

the battlefield = is the battlefield within your own interior body, between body & mind, our own devas and demons as we all have light and dark sides whether we admit it or not

In Hinduism when you have been doing your Tapas (devoted practices)  for your Sadhana, whether you are a demon or god you can go ask Brahma (the creator) for a boon. One asura had got a boon cos he done a lot of tapas and he asks to be invincible in battle and so Brahma agrees that no man or god can defeat in battle….so loop hole is the demon could be killed by woman… remember this 🙂 also remember that the demons are our negative voice for example will put in a lot of effort to win..

Back to the story the gods at a lost on what to do, how to restore order and peace and love, because they have been so busy having a lovely time dancing, meditating ,yoga and then they remember the loop hole and think The Feminine, she can save us,  so they think, lets call forth the feminine…

so the Gods go to Ma Durga and say “O Durga, divine radiant one, who is the power in everything, praise to you, how did we think we were in charge!!” flattery gets you everywhere hehehe

  • what is interesting here is that you need Ask… you need to be direct and the asking has the power to call her fourth to help you. It’s calling forth the essence of the frequency of Ma Durga within you ~ rising in your Shakti which means power


Now let’s Ride lions or tigers 

When Ma Durga emerges in the battlefield, She comes into being, radiant, luminous,(like multi faceted diamonds).
Her heart is fully open, radiating love.
Her power centre is shining the rays of a 108 suns.
Her sex centre and Yoni are pulsating and throbbing all-giving life.
Her communication centre is open and free revealing the truth, which is for her to rest in her vision, her third eye open to intuitively guide.
Her body emanates sensual bliss and her eyes no one has looked into them without falling in love.
She’s been given different qualities and weapons from the other gods as she takes form.

As she rides into the battlefield, she has a BIG POWERFUL furry animal between her legs, she’s riding a lion (or a tiger) – the king of the jungle/ or this case a battle. = This lion represents energy but more our sexual energy, hence Durga is one and riding the waves of this creative sexual energy.

So riding as One with her powerful Lion, the lion roars and the whole universe shakes and wakes up to the radiance of Ma Durga! When she rides into battle she doesn’t fight or think what strategies am I going to use, what game are they doing, and analysing how they will respond, or how am I doing? –  are they doing this in life? Shakti key here, women go around analysing every possible reply to a question or the scenario 🙂 No…. – this is the linear logical shadow feminine realm, or the masculine patriarchal realm, this is the mind.

MA DURGA rides the tiger and she creates the game/battle, she is resting in her presence, as a lover of the truth and moves from this place, no analysing…she moves from truth to truth…her mission is to awaken everyone to their power which is love and truth. She invites you not to listen to those negative voices of demons in your own head or indeed other people saying it to you, she wants you to roar like a lion. (i will write another blog all about Ma Durga Lion/tiger cos i love it)

lions-roar-quote-oshoroarrrrr your Truth!
And she’s riding this animal with grace and she’s beaming love so radiantly that it blasts open everyones heart. As she is all about truth, the power she has is fluid, moving, pulsing, throbbing and she’s resting in this – the FEMININE, so she responds to fluidity, intuitive not the linear logical.

Durga rides in presence, her yoni open, pulsating, throbbing, open and rooted in the ground of her being and her mission (goal), the erotic awakening in rhythm with the lion, her sex centre open, receptive and her solar plexus open radiantly outwards like the sun. Her expertise is she slays demons and so she goes into the battle slaying demons and then she relaxes… she relaxes into her truth, back into the arms of truth her love is for the truth.

She has no patience for the demons playing games of higher or lower, separation – this is not truth. she will not compromise on truth, she doesn’t negotiate or discuss, it’s like water off ducks back, she relaxes into herself, the fluidity, the movement of truth. The source of her power is love! The embodiment of love and she sees a world as a direct reflection of her world – truth, love and peace. She’s called forth to bring order to chaos, She comes when we need to right a wrong  – do you see where in the modern day the feminine is so needed? maybe you in your own life needs to honour your feminine side more to be truthful or loving?

as a side track the Dalai Lama said ” the western world will be saved by a woman!”

Back to the story, a quickie ending… She goes straight to the battlefield to conquer the demons saying she would fight alone, the battle rages, demon slaying yet more and more emerge …suddenly riding her tiger she lets out roar (LIKE LION) and the heavens shake! From her body emerges a host of beautiful light forms: goddesses who each hold the full shakti of the gods and within half hour the army is killed escept Shumbha and Nishumbha, Nishumbha is first to die and so Shumbha says  probably quite feebly 🙂 “you challenged me saying you would fight us alone and look you had all these helpers.”

Ma Durga goddesses“not so “ roars the goddess Ma Durga “ these are all parts of myself, I alone exist in the world!” with that all the other goddesses melt back into her form leaving just Ma Durga, shining with almost blinding light….and that’s the truth ladies! we all have many sides, many light forms that we call on for help.

the End! for now…

The mythical stories help us to see our own story  = in darkest hour the divine comes to save us, or we connect to the divine within us, when we surrender we are supported and protected – when we transform the ego, there is true transformation

paradox – we don’t trust this force, we’ve learnt to separate from it, and guess who created that – the feminine. When we weave (Tantra) pleasure, sensuality, be receptive, be vulnerable more things fall into place… when we begin to arouse Kundalini Shakti, the aspect of Shakti that resides in your subtle body depicted as a coiled serpent, we begin to awaken.

People say that Shakti  is asleep… mmm nope… you, me, we are asleep! it is HER that awakens you and roses this spiritual journey of who am I?

Sadhana is time to honour these qualities all of your many facets, the good the bad and the ugly, especially those parts of your self that you put down, open to embodiment and  the doors open and it’s as if Shakti, Ma Durga holds them to open…embodiment is dropping in, leaning  in, become more intimate with yourself beneath the surface.

I feel most are attached to the surface, because it’s safe,  and the game of life is the the drama/soap opera of life, and its easier to say on this merry-go-round. Yet true embodiment is beyond witnessing the body, this is the Shiva aspect, the masculine way, written in the scriptures by men, for men…to detach yourself and be a witness.  Yet modern day woman in grip of life will also do this, and limit herself to her head rather than use this spectacular body that does everything for her 24/7 without her asking! – an awakened woman feels and honours and rest in who she is! Embodiment is to get out of this head of analysing the soap opera, and go beneath the surface, feel, surrender and beneath the surface is where true embodiment is, look even the word embodiment has body in it…Ladies, Get in the magic of your body, rather than the limited concepts of the mind.

My invitation to you is, do what i did last year – jump of the fence, two feet, TRUST, stand in your truth, that you long for so much you are willing to marry it, and when you commit to this through the tapas, the sadhana, believe me your boon comes. Doors will open and you become more in tune with your feminine frequency that will help you to align so big. – The doors that open are huge – look I married, moved continents and am the happiest ever, all done within 3 months! yes 3 months.

stepping into unknownEnough for now, I will speak more, share more, and empower you more, especially in my new course! watch this space and until then

What is it that you truly yearn for?

If you only had a week to live what would you do?

contemplate these questions…


….with love and deep respect

I bow to you, as I bow to Ma Durga!

for ‘since there is no difference between Shakti and the one who embodies her, Shakti is identical to the self’ VijnanaBhairava Tantra (and Shiva told Shakti that!!)

Jai Ma!

thank you

l o v e

Michelle x

ps. 2 years later I share the video story watch here