The Feminine Tantra Path


Sacred Sisterhood

Embodied Ritual

Radical Self-Love

Join Michelle on a 13 night Shakti Pilgrimage.

Dates TBA

Within the powerful embrace of sisterhood, Michelle will guide you
on a transformational journey in the homeland of Tantra and Yoga
– Mother India.
Let the Mother nurture your feminine soul and come alive.

This is for you if you are yearning to :

Meet Your Soul's Calling

Heal around love

Embody Rituals

Receive Tantra Initiation

Reconnect To Yourself

Experience Sisterhood

Experience Sacred Ceremony

Let Go of Past Stories, Limiting Beliefs or Fears

Release Psychological Blockages

Do you have a desire to fully step into
sacred ceremony and receive Feminine initiation?

This Shakti Pilgrimage is designed to help you harness your potent Tantra energy, Shakti, so you come more alive as a woman.

Many women do not realise the potential or power they have within their bodies. Women have been put down, suppressed for centuries, which limits the power within.

Michelle creates retreats to initiate women into the fullest potential they hold within their bodies, their wombs and Yoni. The transformation is pure alchemy, releasing old conditioning, suppressed ways of being. 

She invites you to take your seat in the circle of women, reclaim your feminine sovereignty and  come back to yourself as a woman, and let this feminine resonance shine into the universe.


Do you hear the call of the Goddess?

Yes! Then Come Receive Her Transmission

Michelle invites you to take your seat in the circle of women to invoke and invite the feminine in. You’ll receive:

▼ Mytho-poetic stories of the Goddesses that begin to change the stories you tell yourself

▼ Receive Kali and Lalita Initiation Ceremonies, to let go and to then receive

▼ Receive Tantra practices that clears blockages and activates Shakti in your 1st 2 chakras – the keys for initiation

▼ Break through the psychological blockages held at a deep cellular level in the body

▼ Drop into your body’s natural intuitive wisdom and learn how to listen and activate this wisdom in your body and in your life

▼ Embrace Ritual and Rhythm through the practices that re-wires a woman’s mind and  gets her into the magic of her body

▼ Learn Ancient Tantra rituals  called puja – yoni puja, heart awakening or Shyama puja that changes the cellular DNA

▼ Harness seed sounds and mantra as a tool to liberate your voice that may have been suppressed, so you speak your truth.

▼ Embody Mudra (hand gestures) that leave an imprint and empower the seeds of mantra to blossom.

▼ Let go of addictions or habits or release numbing out, so you connect deeply with yourself

▼ Reignite the fire deep within your soul that directs your passion and purpose.

What other women say about past retreats

I feel like a huge cloak of heavy darkness has been lifted and I feel so bright and happy, like I haven’t for years. I FORGOT HOW IT FELT TO BE HAPPY.
Through Michelle’s coaching, yoga, breathing techniques and tantra I have started to be healed emotionally, breaking down blocks that I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO SHIFT THROUGH YEARS OF DIFFERENT THERAPY. I am so much more stronger and happier.

women's circle testimony

Kate Radford

Having practiced yoga for many years I have had a few teachers, I just love Michelle’s Shakti Vinyasa teachings, they make me feel alive, especially in India. Michelle doesn’t just teach asanas, her unique style weaves stories from Indian philosophy or scriptures, as well as about the moon and feminine empowerment. The woman’s circle is a magical experience. The circle is so supportive and caring that I felt myself to be in the safest place, where no one was there to judge….ego’s were left outside the tent.
We practice inner yoga together, we chant together, we sing together, we laugh together, we cry together and I can honestly say it was one of the most wonderful magical experiences in my life. I cannot recommend Michelle’s retreats enough!

Anita Burnett

I met Michelle upon her retreat in India in 2019. I had no idea how much this experience would transform my life. My body has responded a lot of what Michelle shared; I feel younger, I feel sexy, I feel like when I was a young woman and I love it. At night is the moment where I can enter my soap bubble and be in Kovalam, again… I think so much about the circle, and how fast we all came out blossoming in such a short time. This is alchemy and I find it amazing. A whole year has gone by and I find myself smiling with no reason and I feel positive…. No matter what.

India Yoga retreat

Sandrini Cano, Italy

Who is Michelle?

yoga retreat holiday Michelle Cross

Michelle radiates a passion that is infectious. She incorporates ancient wisdom of Tantra, Goddess worship and feminine Shakti vinyasa flow yoga practices for the modern women to thrive.

She sees every woman as a goddess and actively assists women on the quest for personal empowerment, to own their stories and step into their feminine energy. Michelle is a dedicated teacher of Yoga and Tantra, as well as Empowerment Coach, Tantra Massage Bodyworker, and healer with nearly 30 years experience in the health, wellness and spiritual fields. She is also very happily married, living in Barbados, yet works globally.

Sounds amazing right? It was always like this…

Like many women Michelle did not feel seen or heard for years.

Her mission is about giving you the tools to tap into your fullest potential on or off the mat, to transform your traumas to triumphs,  your pains into pleasure, so you thrive in the whole of your life.

She helps successful, smart and truth seekers deepen their connection and intimacy with themselves and with others.

She helps women like you.

Hello, I’m Michelle.

If you are still reading then I know I’m  speaking to that part of you that is seeking something more…
Let me help you to reconnect with your feminine soul though daily rituals and practices that awaken you to the alchemy of Shakti.

I’ve been travelling to India since 2006, and  I’ve been initiated into a path that honours the feminine. And I share all of this with you.

I pray this retreat will be the rite of passage in your life…I’d be honoured to share my love for India, my lineage and the practices.

What you can expect from India Yoga Retreat Holiday

womens yoga retreat holiday

▼ To feel amazing!

▼ To be welcomed and surrounded with like-minded women.

▼ To immerse yourself in sisterhood, days filled with exploration, self acceptance and guaranteed laughter and love.

▼ You can expect a sacred space where you feel safe to explore yourself, open up, be vulnerable, share your story and be accepted for you.

India Yoga Retreat includes :

Shakti Vinyasa Yoga

Upon this retreat we dive deep.

In the mornings after our (optional) Temple visit, we practice my signature Shakti Vinyasa Yoga.

The mornings are active, dynamic, liberating practices where I share the myths-poetic stories of the Goddesses, sowing seeds that the solar practices nurture and you water with what you liberate in your sweaty flow.

You are them ready for the practice to go deeper and embody rituals in the evening.

You’ll receive 3 initiation into the mythopoetic realms of these Goddesses:

  • Durga – She empowers courage and commitment
  • Kali – She’s the radical rEVOLutionary, who’s fierce and feisty – my favourite Goddess!
  • Lalita – She is the most subtle energy, your Kundalini Shakti. 

Click on the Goddess name to find out more

Potent Tantra Rituals

Worship the Goddess within

Rituals are ancient, proven over thousands of years to yield results. Rituals invoke intention, I show you how to embody your desire and make it a reality.

Transformative Rituals include :

  • Full Moon Night,
  • Tantric Fire Rituals,
  • Water Ritual
  • The great Maha Shivratri to close the retreat.

The evenings are Sunset Lunar soulful Shakti vinyasa + women’s circle. They are slower, sensual, feminine, fluid to re-wire your neural pathways. 

The rituals and rhythms invite you into intimate ancient practices to honour the goddess within. Experience pure devotion as you learn how to honour your body and begin to embody your inner goddess.

Women’s Circles are a sacred time to invoke conscious communication for healing.

Ayurvedic Massage To Soothe Your Soul

▼ Included on your Kerala India Yoga Retreat are super soothing, ayurvedic massages that seduce deeper within the temple of your body. When I arrived in India in 2006 it was massage that transformed my very sad, depressed, deeply unhappy state of being.

The manager of the  clinic is my friend and I have always kept in touch with him and when I return to India I always visit. You’ll receive 3 Ayurvedic massages within the retreat package


▼ We will also visit local temples and experience Puja’s, which are heartfelt offerings to the Divine as the God or Goddess. This is optional
The Divine is the aspect deep within you. I know the Priest at the temple for 13 years, and he is so welcoming.

You can also request to have a puja dedicated for you, your family or a loved one. This is a mystical and magical experience at dawn and sunset.

The Climax

This India Yoga retreat begins just before a potent Full Moon – the Pūrṇimā that honours the Goddess Lalitā Tripura Sundari. She is our ultimate Goddess for this retreat, she cannot be fathomed with the mind, and so we meet and greet her initially, Then as the retreat develops we will be initiated deeper into her archetype energy.

The retreat finishes the morning of a huge festival Maha Shivratri – the night of Shiva and Shakti, the Divine Lovers. My intention is for you to meet this inner marriage within the temple of your body. You can choose to stay an additional night and come to the festival with me.

And it is said on this night, every intention is magnified 1000 times. So you may return to your life and deepen your relationship or call in your Beloved in ritual in India.

Maha Shivrarti in the Shiva Temple I have visited for the last 13 years, is spectacular, with Tribal Wise Woman offering to Shiva. I hope you will stay and experience for yourself and offer your seed intention so they cOMe to fruition as your return to your home.

Your Retreat Stay

Join Michelle on a 13 night Shakti Pilgrimage.

26 February – 11 March 2021

Kerala is known as God’s own country, it is easy for the Goddess to meet you there!

Our Hotel is in Kovalam, Kerala and is set back in the lush coconut paddy fields.

The hotel is simple, small and intimate with exceptional hospitality and service.

All rooms are single occupancy, to give you sacred space to evolve and blossom. However the only exceptions are if you wish to travel with your partner or child, non yoga partner receive discounted rates.

The rooms have twins to make a large king,  are all ensuite, have fans, wifi, kettle & cups, fridge and own balcony.

There are a limited number of air-conditoned rooms.
Your retreat includes transfer to and from the airport.

Prices start from £895 for the 14 nights with the early bird discount. That’s less than £60 a day for expert Shakti Tantra Yoga Teachings, initiation into the Goddess and accommodation on this pilgrimage in India.

Discover more of what’s included here

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Are you ready to journey to India and awaken your inner Goddess?

Are you ready to journey to Mother India

and awaken to your inner Goddess?

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