The Legend of Lalita Ma

The legend of Lalita Ma is breathing you deeper into the holy portal of your body. She is the ripe fertile shakti so needed for the modern day. You cannot experience her through the modern means of the patriarchy because for eons these ways have suppressed her.

The Legend of LalitaYet now there is a rising, a feminine rising, a call…

The call is humming like her seed (bija) mantra Hreem since the beginning of time.

So the legend of Lalita is asking you :

Do you hear the call?

I did. My Sadhana with Lalita is ongoing and deepened since 2015. So I write from personal experience of how I first rejected her, because I practiced the habitual pattern of numbing I had been use to. Through committed practice I opened into her realm by sampling ‘missing the train’ as my teacher taught.

Let’s explore her story and come to feel, see and explore how Lalita Ma’s power saves the world in the myth and can awaken you to your Lalita essence that is holy and erotic.

In modern times she shows us the space where Lalita shakti blossoms exponentially. Lalita’s lusciousness is the love game that is as tantalising as she is.

What does the legend of Lalita Ma offer?

Lalita is the goddess of the holy and the erotic. She marries the spiritual and the sexual in holy union.

Lalita has many names; Kāmeśvarī – Goddess of desire,  Lalitā Tripura Sundari – She who is beautiful in the three worlds.  –  Lalitā is the devoted wife of Shiva as Kameshvara. Their divine love play is the erotic.

Yet the erotic has been suppressed into a tiny box society especially the patriarchy names s e x.

For me sex is more masculine and the erotic, feminine. So the erotic honours the feminine, her source, her power and her natural throbbing, glimmering, pulsating life giving energy that shimmers in everything. The erotic is the very energy that is needed to transform the world. This is why with the #metoo movement and abortion bans across USA women are rising to say #nomore! Women’s voices have been suppressed. Women’s superpowers have been dampened. Lalita’s story shows you how to rest in your superpower and still rise.

Women who are sexually liberated, sexually and sensually aware are often feared or put down.  In Lalita Ma myth the gods and goddesses knew the power of Lalita Shakti. The irony is Lalita’s superpower is 100% all ways here, we’ve never been disconnected from her.

Yet we’ve just been told certain stories of how it should be or how to act or speak. And also those stories that women are too needy, too much, too emotional. Mmm yep they all feed the old paradigm.

Lalita is the mystery that moves us all, yet the linear path of analysing, logically strategising, the fears, doubts, judgements, the competitions and the contractions all push us away from Lalita shakti.

Lalita Superpower

Lalita shakti fine-tunes the instrument of you that is holy, whole and erotic. If you hear her call, She celebrates your holy assignment, your yoga, the tantra that seduces you to enter into feminine mystery of life through your body. This is her key, enter the sensations of your body. My strapline is ▽ awaken your senses  ▽.

Lalita arms hold
▽  5 flowery arrows
▽  a sugarcane bow
The bow is sweet and the source of your own capability. The arrows are the 5 senses and also the impact your abilities make, your gifts once you release them.
She also holds
▽  a noose to draw you closer to her sweetness and desire
▽  a goad – to agitate and push you this way and that to stay present.

the legend of lalitaMy teacher Chameli Ardagh from Awakening Women taught me that Lalita offers us a door and the keys, yet most turn their back on the door on this kind of Lalita shakti, because the door is not what they thought it’d look like!

Lalita’s door is the gateway into the ecstasy of the erotic that is birthing in every moment. Interestingly I share this just before the eclipse gateway that is birthing all of us into a new portal...Sometimes the door or portal is messy, dirty, and shabby. This is when most turn their back on the door. This is your portal in. It is not always glossy, colourful, seductive as it is in al the magazines.

As you enter the door the invitation is to stay present and pay attention to your experiences, breathe, feel, kiss them from within your body. You’ll learn in the story I share below in the video your presence and awareness is key. Just observe if you take anything or everything to your mind to analyse, there you will not meet Lalita. The presence is inside the your experiences, just as Shiva is erotically intimately inside Lalita in holy union.

You meet Lalita in the energy of Kundalini Shakti, the serpent power energy that catapults you into realms of existence the mind cannot even fathom. To feel Kundalini, is to soften and allow, like nature.

The erotic wisdom teachings and Scriptures were created in a different time, and the translations by the masculine, may not gift you the wisdom that transforms your story or experience. This is why it’s easy to disconnect or reject the teachings or your experience as not worthy or you are not quite there yet. Then you  get stuck in the merry-go-round and reject and turn your back at the door.

Lalita Mystery

Lalita’s invitation; Root yourself  in the feminine, especially the erotic feminine unfurling, where everything is a portal and a doorway to open, receive and feel. Then Lalita’s superpower of Kundalini Shakti awakens, arouses, activates sensational experiences that you delight in, simply by being present. Metaphorically and literally turned onto to life that is ever renewing.

Lalita she is asking you to let go into the great mystery, soften, rest going to the mystery and the movement of the erotic energy and be curious of how she unfurls.

When you relax you’re sexing, there is the portal into the vulnerability and surrender. I learnt this big time, where for months I’d relax and not try or push. I then met Lalita rising within me in a mediation, not my sexing with my husband, where the breath took me higher and higher and vaster and vaster, til I merged and married with Lalita’s dark sister Kali Ma, my Beloved Goddess.

The Legend of LalitaAnd here’s another story – the door the surrender is what you were taught to fear, to think it is submissive. Or that softness is weakness. We have been blindly told that the seductress is drama queen. My personal story about my trauma is all about s u r r e n d e r.

When women shine less, women play themselves down, they limit their self so not to out shine other women. Or they don’t have a clear boundaries or know who they are. This keeps Lalita Shakti superpower suppressed. I know about dimming my own light, I did in when I first moved to Barbados because I was feared, even goaded, which you’ll learn about in the video.

Yet in the legend of Lalita, when the Gods call upon the feminine they don’t just call upon any Shakti to save the day, they upon the most intoxicating form of the feminine in Lalita. Lalita, she who plays, who rests in her tremendous radiance that arises out of her immense softness. She is the shakti that is not in a limited box- she’s outside of the box. She is the epitome of sensuality, awake, aroused and is so erotic. She reminds us where to look to overcome the fears, the challenges of this distorted greedy controlling energy that has prevailed in patriarchal realm. This has dimmed our Lalita light.

Lalita is provocative and yet she is hard to take in, listen to her magical myths. Let her illuminate your Lalita essence.

There are many stories, within stories and all are multi layered, and every one peels away the layers of conditioning we all have. These layers feed our own stories, that might now be empowering. Our own Bhanda (you’ll learn about him in the video ) might not be an external person or situation, it might be our own inner voice criticising and goading us. 

I hope you enjoy just a couple of the stories ,I’ll share more soon, the legend of Lalita is a glorious one, I do hope you enjoy.