Manifest with the Moon

Manifest with the MoonDo you wish to learn the ancient secrets of how to manifest with the Moon?
Have you ever wondered why people are so mesmerised with the moon ?

And then people tell you you can manifest with the moon, yep manifest your desires. The moon and especially the 1st night of the moon is always empowering desire. Yet sometimes as we desire we feel there is something missing.

Have you ever felt that you’re missing something?

You’ve been trying to get your head around why one week you are full of energy and dynamism, then the next, you’re loved up and so turned onto to life. Then there’s a drastic change; your moody, impatient, irritable and finally you want to hide from everyone.

I’m here to tell you the missing link;

No, you’re not a psycho,
You are cyclic woman.

The whole of the cosmos is cyclic – e.g  the cycles of the seasons, the cycle of the day and night, the cycles of life – birth, life, death, the cycles of the breath that waxes and wanes.  The moon governs waters, the tides through her lunation’s, her cycles. and we as humans are made up of 70% water so the moon has an effect on us whether you are aware of it or not. I’d like to invite you into awareness.

Think of the Full Moon when you might find you are triggered more or you react easily. This is because the tides are high and the Full Moon heightens emotions.

Women have something so potent that men will never experience (well only second hand);

Their Menstrual Cycle.

Yet so many women overlook the potential they have every month to utilise their creative energy and manifest what they desire. Think about it, your blood is so potent to nurture a baby to evolve within the womb. When you begin to awaken to your feminine cyclic nature everything changes.

As women this is your time to reclaim the feminine.

Women especially  have an affinity with the moon through her menstrual cycle, the flow of blood, another type of flow. And even if you do not bleed even more so you tune into the cycles and phases of the moon to bring balance and harmony.

How to manifest with the Moon

The phases of the moon are lunations are like a woman’s many faces – they change. And women have different phases as well. I came to the moon as a Maiden, when I suffered with immense PMT and dysmenorrhoea, extremely painful periods where I couldn’t stand up. Following the moon invited me to tune into me as a woman, and this is especially nearly 30 years later as I enter my Wise Woman phase.

So this New Moon I’m wishing to share how I manifest with the moon on a daily basis.

If we as women don’t understand how we flow, how can expect anyone else to understand us?

When you begin to understand how to meet your own needs, you are in a better position to share this; with your lover, family, friends and work colleagues.

Then they don’t need to dread the week you’ve got PMT or the continual weeks you are peri-menopausal and might be a raging woman on the rampage. Because when you are in tune, the imbalance in hormones will dissipate or you learn how to harness them to your advantage.

manifest with the moonMaybe the only time women really look at their cycle is when they are trying to conceive. They need to understand their fertile times. and manifest with the moon certainly helps you to tune into this and balances your hormones.

But what if…

You yearn to give birth to your dreams, hopes and aspirations?

what if… I was here to tell you the different phases of the moon and the different phases of being a woman teach you when you have the most energy and you learn to use her to get the job done. Or when is your most fertile time that people will gladly help you and warm to your more loving motherly nature. And imagine harnessing the PMT energies to tune into what your unconscious is r e a l l y trying to communicate with you…

The New Moon is dark and in this darkness their is a void that can be filled with possibility. This void is unknown and mysterious. Close your eyes and turn into the dark. The New Moon also holds a cup of gems, all those things that you want. But you also come to this phase with more questions like :

What more is there for me in this life?

What adds value and meaning to today?

What is being spoken to you?

What is possible for me to manifest?

Just listen in the darkness behind your eyes and let this dark New Moon speak to you. Become comfortable I the dark especially with the desires you might not even know. There is always so much more.

Manifest with the Moon and Your Menstrual Cycle


Manifest with the Moon and Your Menstrual Cycle


This New Moon I am sowing a seed for you to welcome yourself into the darkness and the enormous space of possibility for you to become more intune with who you are as a woman. A woman with desires and hopes.

Empowers you as a woman in any phase of your life:

  • Younger years and early menstruation
  • Women, who bleed and give birth
  • Women whose are peri-menopausal, menopausal or postmenopausal

Empowers you as a woman if you :

  • Suffers PMT / PMS
  • Have no periods, yet yearn to tune into the feminine
  • Wish to balances hormones and regulate your cycle
  • Yearn for a baby and wants to improve fertility
  • Experience mood swings
  • Want to become more in tune with your feminine body
  • Wish to learn Tantra Meditations
  • Didn’t ever consciously connect with your cycle and now you want to
  • Don’t have your cycle anymore, yet wish to learn to tap into the universal cycles of being a (wise) woman

You’ll learn :

How the phases of the moon have a profound effect on you

  • physically
  • emotionally
  • mentally
  • energetically
  • spiritually
  • sexually

You’ll receive practices that :

  • Awaken your body
  • Activate your energy
  • Magnetise, magnify, and manifest your dreams and desires.

Manifest with the Moon and your Menstrual Cycle offers you all the theory, ++ plus evocative meditations that awaken your inner wisdom to connect with each phase of you.


Join me and take your seat in the eternal circle of women awakening to their power and manifesting heir dreams and desires.

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