Masculine and Feminine Energy

masculine and feminine energyWhat is masculine and feminine energy?

Whether you are a man or a woman, you have both masculine and feminine energy. 

Masculine energy doesn’t have anything to do with being a man. Nor is feminine energy only found in women.

Modern day society has become fast, and product driven where we are rewarded for doing and getting the job done. This is more masculine energy, it keeps us in a constant state of doing, which over time is depleting. Have you noticed when you are working al the time and rushing around doing many tasks, have no time for you, you become frustrated, low energy or if this goes on for a  while ill?

What this type of fast pace modern society has meant, compared to 1000’s of years ago when the balance was more equal, there is now an imbalance. More men and women are seeking something else to cultivate balance.

Women to be seen and heard and get on in the world are now more in their masculine. I talk about this in a video and blog post called Masculine Masks from last year.

Women in their masculine energy, there’s nothing wrong with this, in fact the masculine helps you to get the job done as I said. However it is also so depleting for a woman and at certain times in your life and your cyclic nature, it’s good for a woman to tap into her feminine energy so she does not become burnt out, frustrated and stuck in the over-analysing hamster wheel.

Same goes for men, they have feminine energy and many tap into this for their feminine creative side and also are wise to tap into their feminine energy to balance their relationships when their woman is in her masculine.

Life is all about balance, wouldn’t you agree? and Balance of masculine and feminine energy is a potent key within yourself, your relationships and your life. 

masculine and feminine energy

Masculine and Feminine Energy of YinYang

I find one of the easiest ways to explain this is to look at the YinYang Symbol. – most have seen this symbol. 

Let’s look at the opposite energies with the Yin Yang symbol, that you may have seen before. This was created in ancient China, yet offers a complete Tantra teaching. YinYang is another version of ShivaShakti

Yang is white, male, hot, directional, active, dynamic, solid, dense.
Yin is black female, cool, resting, vast, timeless, eternal, liquid.

In life, as in love, the qualities of Yin and Yang are in a constant interplay, weaving in and out of each other as a continual evolutionary dance. When you understand this, you no longer have to manifest a war of the sexes. You can allow the weaving of Yin and Yang elements to move and play and enjoy learning from each other through this interchange.

You’ll see in the Yin Yang symbol, the black area represents Yin. The white area represents Yang. However, within the white area is a black dot. And within the black area is a white dot. Can you see this? This means, if you go totally into Yin it will lead you to Yang. And if you go totally into Yang, it will lead you to Yin.

Divine Union


In Tantra Yin and Yang are represented by Shiva (Yang) and Shakti (Yin). Life is their eternal dance and lovemaking.

Shiva is masculine, strong, steady, constant, consciousness.
Shakti is feminine, fluid, flowing, changeable.

Shiva is represented by the Lingham which is the penis
Shakti is represented by the Yoni, which is the vagina.

In my recent Diksha with Sri Vidya, I learnt that the early Linghams were explicitly phallic-shaped. However in the last millennia their shape has become more domed cylinders rising from a stone base. This reduced the ‘sexualised’ interpretations and was more accepted. That’s a whole other blog (coming soon).

So for now both your masculine and feminine energy, your Yin and your Yang, and your Shiva and your Shakti are all within your body.

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish or do in life,  whether it be pitch a business deal or whispering sweet nothings to your woman, you will harness either your masculine and feminine energy. Lets look at them. 

Masculine Energy     vs     Feminine Energy
doing     vs     being
active     vs     surrender
analytical     vs     intuitive
left brain     vs     right brain
assertive     vs     receptive
striving     vs  becoming
logical     vs     creative
thrusting     vs     receiving
hard     vs     soft
controlling     vs     allowing
So for example; when you need to get a job done you could use your feminine energy to meditate and receive a download to help you with your job. Then you harness your active, logical left brain to get the job done.
masculine and feminine energyWhen you yearn to whisper sweet nothings in your woman ear, the most potent Tantra technique I teach men is to tap into their feminine first. YES that’s right! when you are in your feminine soft, intuitive state of being, you will tune into her energy. This is essential, you need to go slowly, this is part of foreplay. touch her lightly to tease her, let her feel your breath on her neck as you whisper in her ear, if her response is a yes, look for signals, like movement or change in breath, then your touch becomes more masculine, deeper, as if saying “I am going to take you” not in a controlling way, but a more thrusting masculine way. Then so you as the masculine do not peak to soon, you go between masculine and feminine energies and let your woman do the same.
This picture show YabYum where the masculine holds space for the feminine to rise. Both energies are equal, ie neither the man or the woman is on top or bottom.
Then let’s look at the balance of the masculine and feminine energy in harmony and balance :
“Masculine and Feminine” 
Divine Union