Come take your seat in this moon circle, let me seduce you deeper with my words… let them drip like honey within the holy portal of your divine body, where we open the doors to you to feel fully alive.

Feel Fully Alive

Will you?

When women come together and sit in circle magic happens.

We take our seats, which in yoga is an asana.

Your sacred seat is unique to you. How does she feel?
My own seat has been one of curiosity and openness to explore more of me.

I teach yoga to invite myself and others into alignment with Shakti so she moves. This is the inner yoga.

So welcome to the eternal circle of women.

I want to invite you to Breathe, b r e a t h e deeper into your belly, breathe as if the breath is breathing you from the inside. Follow the path of your breath from inside as if breath is breathing you. Here I wish to take you to a door for you to enter into the 4 movements of Shakti… 

🔻circular – mmm yes,

…and Feel Fully Alive As A Woman 

I recently taught a Full Moon Circle workshop, introducing the women to the archetype of the Goddess Lalita. Lalita is the Goddess who marries the holy with the erotic. Lalita is the face of the full moon, the glorious radiant, magnetising light of our moon circle

Her Superpower is to rest in her vivacious, luscious, soft sensuality that is more beautiful than the three worlds. I shared Lalita through practices of the 4 movements of Shakti, to empower women to feel fully alive. Within this Full Moon Circle I am the sisterhood facilitator, who invokes the energy, the potent power of the feminine energy. 

and the question that was asked for me to create such a workshop was :

“How do I experience fully body orgasms?”

I asked my own teacher this question many moons ago. Then through practice I came to experience.

You might question what does orgasms have to do with yoga – I answer depends on your definition or what sort of orgasms we are talking about.

As a student of Yoga and Tantra, my desire was to experience kundalini awakening, to merge with God/Goddess. A kundalini awakening is the same as an impolsive orgasm.

Yoga raises energy. Yoga’s ultimate path leads you to enlightenment or Samādhi. Energy is Shakti (feminine energy) she merges and becomes One with Shiva (masculine awareness). Read about Samādhi here. Feminine Tantra enlightenment doesn’t mean being still in meditation. Shakti is movement, power and the merging of Shiva and Shakti is a love story. This is blossoming within the holy portal of your body. This doesn’t have to be sexual either.

Personally, my first glimpse of enlightenment was through meditation, a moving meditation where my whole body awoke, merging with Goddess, or God, or the Divine. This is what I experienced and there was nothing still about it. I experience Kundalini awakenings where I merged with the Goddess in waves of ecstatic rapture. Shakti as the serpent truly awoke in my body, changing the cellular memory within every cell within.

That’s why I teach yoga to invite myself and others into alignment for Shakti to move. I teach yoga, traditional Tantra and Neo-Tantra (sexual practices). 

But it’s not always easy, there are past challenges, resistance to overcome

Dimming Your Light Because Others Do not Feel Fully Alive

In my workshop I taught about several types of orgasms, the peaks and the valleys, the practices to explore and what we all shared were the psychological blocks to intimacy.

As we began to share with in the circle some women shared how they had shut down  or dimmed their light because of what they are told, how they were touched or through fear. This implants seeds in our cellular memory. So in a safe environment like our circle I share new seeds for you to feel, see, taste, smell and experience.

To feel fully alive, we need to be willing to be vulnerable. then come to  stand at Lalitas doorway. Her doorway is sometimes messy, shabby and not so pretty. Her door way cannot he felt with the cognitive mind that wants to control, understand and analyse. And often most turn their back oat her doorway, because…

…Lalita’s vibration to experience pulsation, throbbing, shaking, aliveness, heat, cold, contraction, expression, ANY emotion are the keys to pen the doorway to Lalita. The feelings and emotions are the portals into your living breathing body, your mind will never get this. 

This is why I offer practice, followed by theory that become the keys to the cognitive mind, followed by practice to begin the journey of embodiment. 

Dear Woman, in the Moon Circle, 

Have you ever dimmed your light, become less fully alive because you have been told you are too much…

I’ve been told this soooo many times not just by men. More so by women, especially when I came to Barbados. Also my closest friend in london said women like you scare women like me -because she turned her back at Lalita door and is too scared to enter.

Lalita is provocative and yet she is hard to take in.

When there’s strong Shakti ie your highly aroused or your have high sex drive or you are angry and others don’t like it or you are expressive and communicating your needs –  pause and breathe. You can choose between peak experiences or fall unconscious or limit yourself due to another person or fear or trauma.

Yet in truth you, especially your body and your shakti really want to expand into more implosive experiences.

So when there is Strong Shakti it is an opportunity to meet yourself fully, rather than go sleep and into the small me.

If you are ever too much it is more about the other person than you. They project their own insecurities onto you.

Never dim your light.

This is what the patriarchal society, or a religious one teaches.

Times are changing.


It takes tremendous courage for a woman to dive deep into her sexuality and sensuality and embody them fully. It takes tremendous courage to move away from the crowd. And roar your truth!

feel fully alive

I teach women to cultivate potent boundaries that keep seducng them deeper into the holy portal of their unique authentic self.
When we are authentic we are comfortable in any given situation.
We only give away our power, our Shakti when we as an individual are out of alignment with our own authenticity.
That’s why I teach yoga to bring myself and others into alignment for Shakti to move.
Shakti is how we move as woman.


What I love about the moon circle in Barbados. The more I step into the moon circle and all her phases, the more fully alive I feel! 

Blessed be !

Jai Ma!