Moon Sadhana



When I created the moon sadhana’s I had no idea how transformative it would be for my own life and indeed that of others! I have been following the moon for 25+ years and that’s why i created the moon sadhana. The more I immersed my self in the ebb and flow, the phases of the moon, the moon sadhana support my life cycle and this is why I created and began to teach moon sadhana. The moon is universal, everyone in the world can look up and see her and know we are all connected.  the looking up was to connect and then turn deeper within, knowing the universal connection is within as well as around. I began to turn inwards more and more to reflect and thus awaken. as Carl Jung expresses so beautifully – “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes’ 

My very first New Moon Sadhana on January 1st New Years Day 2014 one participant wrote:Mother Moon

“I felt as if I was in the presence of a strong mother, welcoming and soothing withher candlelight, but simultaneously seeking to embolden and liberate with her focus on groundedness and strength.
I love your classes, Michelle. Through you, Yoga has become an integral part of my life and I am so happy that I have been able to bring about so many positive changes to my life already. I look forward to 2014.” ~ Denise

This was the beginning of welcoming in to my cOMmUNITY this nurturing motherly energy of the moon. The Moon connects us all, as I said, She is always Full or always a  new Moon where’ve you are, just as the sun is in the sky! I love these simple universal nature connections. The moon’s phases shine upon the whole universe, she is associated with the mother and with feminine energy. The Moon represents your deepest personal needs, your habits, your reactions, and your unconscious

The moons feminine energy mirrors the woman’s and both have many phases/faces through her monthly cycle or indeed life cycle… The phases of the moon allow you to feel and go deeper into your own cycles, observing the natural cycle of you, the Moon sadhanas gift you with the opportunity to reflect, create space to either turn in to he fertile darkness of the new moon or sense the clarity the full moon offers you . The Moon facilitates the awareness of your inner world and outer world, coming into a rhythmical ebb and flow of activity and energy.

ॐ How can the practice help you to get more in tune with the world and the natural cycles in the universe? 

ॐ And how can following the cycles of the moon allows you to become more in tune with cycles of your own life and connect deeper with your inner self? 


Phases of the moon had a profound effect on you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. when you  become in sync or rhythm with the energy of the phases of the moon, they help you to use the energy of the moon to make decisions within own cycles of life, knowing when to plant seeds, when to reflect, when to shine bright…

moon waveseveryone feels the Full Moon, everyone’s lunacy comes forth, you might find the lunar energy mirror you own reactions. As a cancerian who’s sign is ruled by the moon I’ve always had a strong pull to the moon. Now I live in Barbados I visit Moon Town on the Full or New Moon each month and have dinner under her!

With the huge success of the Moon Sadhana last year, and I feel these truly guided me to come more in rhythm with my true nature and transform my life and relocate to the Caribbean. I made my decision to move at the Honey Moon time and within 4 months I was married and feel like I am on my honeymoon.

so now I am offering Full Moon Sadhana classes in London over the summer 2015, for you to come into the Fullness of who you are. I invite you to Create a sacred ritual to open and embrace the natural cycles of life, which bring you into a fuller rhythm of who you are. Her  phases/faces of the moon helped me to transform maybe she will empower you too… read more here about the moons phases

and so I leave you, in the loving arms of the Moon, this March as she is nearly full. it’s 6 months since I married and truly feel the mother moon blessings…

I hope to see you on your mat at one of my events honouring the Moon, please check out my events page  on this website or go to my Facebook page with events tab , let me through my teachings and deep honouring of the moon help you to shine fully in your beauty as radiant as the Mother Moon

under full moon