Honour Mother Moon



Today as I meditated I realised that I began this 2014 with a New Moon Sadhana class and now as I close this year and my london life one of my last classes is a New Moon sadhana. the Mother Moon is feminine energy that supports and nurtures your deepest personal needs, habits and the unconscious…She truly has  nurtured me to bring the unconscious from the fertile darkness of my soul to light, to the fullness life gifts! read how….

My intention for 2014 was/is to honour the Divine Feminine and  this intention birthed at the New Moon in late 2013 where I wrote about it in my blog Why I am honouring the Divine Feminine. 2014 has been about deepening my own Sadhana, the spiritual journey infused with rituals, like the sadhana of Honour Mother Moon. I was born in July and so am a Cancerian, who’s sign is ruled by the moon. I have always had an affinity for the moon so I came to realise last year it is my dharma (life purpose) to honour  the Feminine and Mother Moon, through my love of Yoga.

My Sadhana

Some of you don’t know how I practice and so I share a little now. last year I did a lot of sadhanas mostly online with my teachers and then this year as I embraced the deep wisdom that kindled last year I honoured the Divine Feminine every day, through meditation, chanting, mantra and pujas (heart-felt offering). I began to teach the Full and New Moon sadhana classes every month at YogaRelax invoking the feminine motherly energy of the Moon. and soon she nurtured me deeply, held me and caressed me deeper within the deep fertile knowing within.


My Leaving Altar Honouring the Triple Shakti and the Sun and Moon always present…

The sadhanas I embraced along side the moon sadhanas were Spring Navratri , and then 3 sadhanas with one of my beloved teacher’s that were pivotal for transformation. I honoured Durga Sadhana in Germany and Lakshmi Sadhana in London and now as we speak Saraswati Sadhana which is global. I also celebrated Navratri and taught a Navratri retreat to 15 glorious radiant women. It is through practice, abhayasa (constant practice) this sadhana that for me I jumped two feet off the fence and took a risk and there Durga, the invincible One is holding me! wow Jai Ma! This is what I taught about in my blog and classes

Now I know some of you, probably most of you don’t have this much goddess worship as me, and that’s cool, you will find your own way to invoke change – however look at what they represent – they are frequencies, energy and everything in life is energy – i hope we agree on that? and for me their symbolism is the catalyst for my life transformation… so how do you align your life with a frequency? do you make offerings like through prayer, ritual with your whole body and then a vital key….be open to receive? this is key that turns the door, there’s no point if you feel unworthy to receive or think it only happens to someone else, that’s why the same old same old keeps repeating and believe me I see that a lot!

from my journey to yours…

So from my personal sadhana I live and breath it, I then teach from this space and so the Moon sadhana  evolves with the intention that through the sacred practices of Yoga (meditation, mantra, mudra, pranayama, asana) you would learn to evolve the natural cycles of your own life and life and honour the ritual of respecting your self at the highest level, so that you don’t feel the need for something or someone outside of your self to make you happy. This was my way of bringing everyone in my community together, into a supreme flow and within the cycles of the universe. everyone can see the moon so it’s real, maybe more real than the frequency of a deity or what they represent. When I began to turn into the deep mystery within through the New Moon Sadhanas beginning on New Years Day, I had no idea what would come to light… just as Her face/phase comes to fullness so did my life!

full moon

More about the Mother Moon

The moon is cyclic, has many faces, there is darkness, turning inwards and fullness, vibrancy and luminous radiance – is this not just like any woman?   The Sadhana takes a path that needs time to become full, this is about surrender, acceptance, which is ultimately receiving and through honouring the moon I strongly feel you come into the natural rhythm of life and embrace and indeed honour every phase/face of you.

Symbolism of Moon Phases

The phases of the moon serve as another glimpse into her intricate meanings.

  • Waning Moon: Symbolic of letting go, surrender, release, quiet time, contemplation, and a time of introspection.
  • New Moons: 
Symbolic of new beginnings, a fresh start, rebirth
  • Waxing Moon: 
Symbolic of growth, manifestation, attainment
  • Full Moon: 
Symbolic of power, clarity, fullness and fulfillment of desire.

Through teaching the Moon Sadhana I invited you to create a sacred ritual to get closer to the essence of life, the rhythm of nature, the essence of you and your essential nature. These sadhana junctures or  times  are opportunities to check in, to balance, to go deeper into the self so you can explore and reconnect with you and your life and the space of being that is connected to everything.

My Profound Gratitude to the Moon


The Moon Sadhana became a ritual practice for me, allowing me to step into the sacred, a universal frequency, beyond the body and mind. When I began to deeply honour the Feminine, this feminine essence of the universe that dwells and pulsates and lives with every being, I began to honour Mother Earth, Mother Moon and their nurturance helped me to evolve and come into a deep rhythm that i made profound life changing decisions.

The first New Moon Sadhana Class

I began to honour Mother Moon with the  a candle light New Moon Sadhana on January 1st New Years Day 2014… Now as you might’ve read in my previous blogs like Love or Fear I am now moving to the Caribbean to begin a new cycle of married life of my own.

The last New Moon Sadhana @ YogaRelax Cheviot Road

I write this blog today, tonight the night of the dark moonless sky, for tomorrow is the New Moon and tonight Friday 21st November I am teaching my last New Moon Sadhana Class in my beloved temple space of YogaRelax at Cheviot Road.

I had divided the Moon sadhanas into two cycles; British Summer time was the Full Moon sadhana with the light nights, honouring the fullness of you and life and the winter or as soon as the clocks changed and the nights became dark was ripe for candle light New Moon sadhana.

I began with a New Moon Sadhana and I now close with a New Moon Sadhana, the new Moon is about as the name suggests, newness, new beginnings, new cycles. there is a strong pull of grounding energy that roots you. ironically as I leave and uproot my own life, for the unknown, this is unsettling for me and also for my clients/students/ friends/ family, yet I offer an invitation to  use this November New Moon to plant a seed for a new cycle for you to evolve in your own rhythm and let it root you to what you know to be true – if every there was a time to plant a seed of intention at a New Moon it is now as we all at YogaRelax begin a new cycle….This is what I asked or was asked on my Durga Sadhana, what do I know to be true? my love for Shon, I wanted to commit to him, be with him 108%, that was my truth!


Full Danda Pranam in class

This is how I am going to move forward and the beauty of this is you can always look up at the sky, honour Mother Moon and know that I am looking at the same moon and we are connected. And I recorded my moon sadhana classes for you so we can always practice together with the online yoga classes  twice a month  with the Full Moon and New Moon. who knows I might do a virtual one web techies please get in touch!

2015 Moon Sadhana – my firm plans


I plan to return to London every 8-10 weeks and already have two Full Moon Sadhana Classes planned on 4th May and 2 July look at the classes page and as I plan the latter half of the year there will be New Moon sadhanas. I will continue to teach Moon Sadhana for a very long time to come, they invite me into the magically mystery lunar flow and the deep intuitive wisdom within…

I wish to express my humble gratitude to all those who have come and practiced with me under the moon and I hope to practice with you in person, virtually or globally under the Mother Moon.

with my deepest L O V E , g r a t i t u d e & respect


Michelle x0x