Muladhara Chakra Videos

These Muladhara Chakra Videos begins the journey of Awakening Shakti through the chakras. these are practices to help you dive in as you may like to read more about Muladhara here from a few years back

The Journey through the energy centres of the body takes you into the heart of you, the heart of Yoga. You feel nurtured from within, your energy (prana) increases, as you work with the chakras you ground, flow, feel empowered, love, devote, communicate, receive insight and blossom fully…
I love teaching the Chakras and it’s an opportunity to dive deep every week…
Are you ready to take the ride?

MuladharaChakraAffirmationMuladhara Chakra is about survival. An imbalance here can lead to fear. Fear wears many masks, resistance, procrastination, fear of future, money or rejection. What is your fear?
Let’s take of these masks and cultivate an intention to work with muladhara ::
I invite you to read this picture out loud 4 times, 4 for each petal of the lotus of Muladhara
then repeat it again 4 times whispering,
then look upon the words and what sentence speaks to you?
repeat this 4 times within
feel it within the ground of your being…

let it fertilise and blossom as a seed intention from the soil of who you are…

let’s meditate first

this one helps you ground

Begin to move from your roots

Bring the mula/yoni pulsations from the meditation into a vinyasa flow

I invite you to practice with Muladhara Chakra Videos to help you create roots, build a strong foundation, so that from there you rise and flow.

be kind to yourself, read more on Muladhara and Kundalini Shakti on these pages and they will help you to understand the journey you are about to make

Jai ma!