Navratri is the nine nights of the Divine Feminine, the Great Mother, Shakti, Devi

Durga MaNavratri is a sadhana dedicated to honouring the Divine Feminine in her triple form of Shakti; Ma Durga riding her lion who encourages you to let go and release obstacles, Ma Lakshmi who encourages you to realise the auspicious beauty, love and abundance within and all around and Ma Saraswati who celebrates the sublime creative flow of all life.

MY love for Durga has grown immensely since my first Navratri last year in 2013, hence me honouring women this year and hosting a Navratri retreat in September in the wondrous countryside of Devon… I wish to tell you more about her, since this Sadhana of Navratri is honouring her and she is a mirror for you. There are two Navratri’s one in spring (now) and one in autumn.

The spring one now Basant (spring) Navratri is the emergence of new life from the death cycle of Winter. The honouring of the natural cycles of life, New Moon Full Moon, Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn helps you to come into your own natural cycles of life and honour them

Ma Durga

Ma Durga represents Power, Protection,  Courage  and the Strength to Face our Fears, this is revealed in Her name, which means “the fortress” “the invincible One” “the Protectress”. Durga ~  who rides her lion is the Goddess is married to Truth, she demands that
 your voice, your truth,
 is fully given. She is the aspect of the Mother that is fierce in her Truth and devotion to life. This Feminine power Shakti truly is creation. She undressees you, helps you take off the masks, she moves you from within as you ride the lion, she is ruthless in love of truth and she won’t accept any new Masks ie if you pretend….. The journey into her power is the journey into your own power,

DurgaShe is the force to call on when conditions seem insurmountable, when you need to conquer any negative forces within or without, in the form of thoughts, emotions, actions,you can take refuge in Her and embrace all aspects of ourselves. Why? because She is the eternal highly protective Mother, like any mother, her love is unconditional pure and She wishes to hold you in her invincible arms as she shows you the truth – as you know the truth might not be something you want to see… however truth is truth. She helps you take off the masks and see and embrace the truth, the truth of who you are… sometimes a reality check or an acceptance of who you are!

“Durga reminds us of the fortress we each carry within ourselves and can call on when we need to fortify our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual boundaries.” – Laura Amazzone

My Journey and Navratri

The journey into her power is the journey into my own power. I have felt this, last year as I took off masks with my partner. The Intimate relationship area in my life have always been challenged til now. This man, my man, my beloved, my Shiva has been a teacher and healer… He’s helped me ride the lion on and off my yoga mat, I’ve let my masks down with him, fully and completely, life circumstances bought them to the surface.  I and he saw aspects of myself that were fearful, rageful, vulnerable and yet I was still held, our love has grown because of it.

It was my sadhana, my yoga practice, my devotion to the truth I so yearned for that Durga was teaching me. My heart guru was revealing  to take refuge and break down the walls of my own fortress that ironically kept people out. As I surrendered and learnt to embrace every aspect of myself, I took this to my Yoga mat and began to learn how to ride the lion, instead of having it breathing down my neck. Then within Her arms I let go of these defences that were negative, I bought the darkness to light and the love is still there…

And how is this For you..?

Do you wear masks? are you hiding? do you have a lion or tiger breathing down your neck in life? who is this lion you ask?

When the masks you may have  on to protect yourself are taken off you may be vulnerable…can you sit with this?
by first being vulnerable, the infinite vulnerability is where She holds you like any mother holds her child to love them. I have truly felt this, this is why I am teaching on my retreat. We are all born of a mother, born into the world in a pure naked vulnerable form, it’s in nakedness, the willingness to be naked, like when you came into the world, and now in your life, maybe your body trembling, feel your own feelings, every one of them and stay put through the vulnerability of  it all., masks off, embracing the truth with strength and courage. As you embrace everything, letting the masks down, being seen.. Then you feel the true feminine power and ride Her lion with her…there’s no running away, as the Mother of Durga is there, she’s already seen you, she’s caressing you to trust in her love.

is this something you would like to embrace?

devi mahatmyamNavratri is a time to honour the triple aspect of the Divine Feminine, embrace the many faces that are you over the night nights of Navratri… I simple invite you to become aware, embrace your self tenderly with openness to receive the energy of Shakti…

and if you’d like to join me on my Navratri Retreat in the autumn Navratri please email to book your place. between now 31 March and 8 April I am offering £10 off the weekend price so please say you read this post…

You will learn how to

ॐ  Blossom into Being, unfurl into your inherent radiance
ॐ  Speak  your Truth from your heart
ॐ  Ride Tigers or Lions
ॐ  Step into your power with courage

This is for every Woman willing to remember, awaken and embrace her authentic self… who she truly is; a pulsating, living breathing expression of the powerful Divine Feminine, who’s essence is peace and nurturing love.

Jai Jai Ma!