Synchronicity; The Joy of Connection



I’ve been reflecting over the synchronicity of the journey through the chakra system! The blessings on being in alignment with the Universe, the cycles of the nature and the rituals of the sadhana holy days. For me there has been so many wow, a-ha moments during the 7 weeks, just when i’ve literally smiled and then offered humble appreciation.

“According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don’t bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous.” ~ Deepak Chopra

The beginning…

this is what I wrote in my first blog for my intention for everyone I meet, teach and share in 2014 –

“This is for Every Woman willing to remember, awaken and embrace her authentic self… who she truly is; a pulsating, living breathing expression of the powerful Divine Feminine, who’s essence is peace and nurturing love.

This is also for Every Man open to explore his intuitive, creative feminine essence and honour and respect the same in every woman in his life.

This year 2014, I invite you to go deeper into the natural rhythmical cycles of life. Everything is cyclic, the seasons, the tides, the sun, the moon, birth, life, death, day to night… I share with you the path of Yoga that is dedicated to connecting to the Divine in every living, pulsating moment……..

ॐ How does these practices help you to get more in tune with your inner and outer world and the natural cycles in the universe?

Everything that exists in your outer world exists within you… Our planet is an exchange of giving and receiving, evolving and dissolving..”

interesting don’t you think? what I am about to write  reveals the synchronicity of events…

chakra-blossomingthe Journey of the chakras –

So here’s how I experienced the journey of the soul in the vehicle of the body , and also what I observed in all the attendees to the classes. We started the 7 week cycle of muladhara, a day after the new cycle of the Moon as it started to blossom to fullness, the New Moon is a cycle I have been honouring with New Moon classes in the winter season to help us all to come in to natural cycles and honour the new cycle that the new moon represents. this new moon was also at Maha Shivrarti, the festival honouring Shiva. Many of you know Shiva is a deity that has helped me grow and blossoming in my awareness and consciousness promoting immense strength and faith. I felt my devotion, my deepest respect for connecting with the essence of Shiva helped me to bring this sadhana of the chakras to birth in a new cycle… the journey was the journey of Shakti (divine feminine) to become One with Shiva at the Sahasrara, the crown chakra. this seven week journey I have felt immense connection to my own Divine feminine essence in connection with the Divine Feminine, and yet all the blossoming time, i’m rested in the ground of my being, Shiva (divine masculine) consciousness…

as we moved to svadhisthana chakra for me personally it was a remembrance of my beloved cat who had passed a year before, the tears cleansed me to flow and teach more deeply so that by the end of that week of svadhistana there was a Full Moon to celebrate the fullness of a creative life and to come into the flow. Something I have been doing all year… pausing, unfurling, blossoming

As the journey evolved,  the blessings truly deepened…from the mystery of life

Week 3 we moved to Manipura chakra the ‘sun’ of the body and during that week it was Spring equinox a pivotal time of year when the sun’s journey and the change of season. can you see where I am finding the synchronicity of our journey in the chakras and how this is coming into rhythm with the universe? i’d love to say i planned it all, but alas no! I set my intention to come into rhythm with the cycles of the universe and helps others to do the same and by miraculous synchronicity everything else fell into place!

anjali-mudraFor me the most appreciation I experienced was in the anahata week, honouring the heart chakra the heart of the chakra system. after the first class a client said “that has to be the most life affirming class this year – thank you!” At the end of the week I was teaching a full group on a workshop entitled “Wonder Woman”, it was a celebration of women, for women and empowering them to truly embraces their wondrous self! it was the day before the New Moon (another new cycle for the women i was teaching to embrace a new empowered way of feeling, thinking seeing, being…) British Summer Time, Mother’s day AND, (I know :-)!) Basant Navratri, the Nine Night festival of honouring the Divine Feminine. my heart was fit to burst with the light of love, gratitude and immense joy at the synchronicity of all of this.

OMGoddess….it gets better!

The week, the first 7 nights  of Navratri was Vishuddha Chakra, all about speaking your truth and Navrarti honours Durga, the Divine Feminine, who I had dedicated my whole year of intention to. and Durga is the goddess of truth, her weapons of consciousness slay the demons in our own life that keep us from the truth of who we are! wow-wee and here am I teaching about opening your Vishuddha Chakra and speaking your truth, with the mighty Durga sadhana I am immersed in….On the last day of the vishuddha week was the beginning of the last three days of Navratri, honouring the goddess Saraswati, who happens to be, as snchronicity would have it, the deity for the Vishuddha chakra! 🙂

In the last 3 days of  Navrarti we began to invoke and open and resonate with ajna chakra, the chakra about vision and this is when my vision became more clear, and of course it would, I was teaching and invoking  Saraswati and to come into the supreme flow of life… something I felt i personally was doing and could see how clients were resonating so much with the classes. clients told me they received so much clarity from the classes as everything fell into place

So I write this before i start the final week of the chakras and teach sahasrara, the chakra about connecting with the Divine, the unity of this chakra is illuminating. the unity of Shiva and Shakti as she rose to meet him at the crown chakra with the Full Moon with in it. and this might not surprise you now, :), the tuesday class is a Full Moon and not only just a full moon but the first Lunar Eclipse since december 2010! this is when the sun, the moon and earth are aligned and the moon passing behind the earth and the moon has a blood colour. so tuesdays Full Moon lunar eclipse is also Hanuman Birthday (Jayanti). Hanuman is the deity that is all about service from the heart and for me this sums up how i feel about what I am sharing and offering this year! I set an intention to serve from my heart, to touch the highest essence of all i met and this Full Moon starts the new Full Moon Sadhana  over the summer time, my offering of classes at the Full Moon. Finally the chakra series finishes on Easter Sunday, the day in the Christian calendar when Jesus rose again. Is this symbolic of us all rising up the chakras to be reborn, looking, feeling, living life with new eyes, creating new visions for a new more enlightened life?

I leave you to contemplate the synchronicity, and I truly hope you seek new ways of being, so you seek unity in all, as you obSERVE your own life can you finds ways to serve others too? you can read about all the different chakras on this blog, i wrote every week! enjoy! and please share, “sharing is caring” and I’d love t hear your thoughts too 🙂


I, truly am grateful for my life, I feel blessed. For those who know me, know that I have bee through some storms so to speak in life and i rode those waves, sometimes drowning, to take another breath and rise, they have bought me to treasure the joy of life, the miracle of the moment and it is from this place, i live and teach. Another analogy I use at present in reference to women and the Divine Feminine, is I am now riding the lion, (Durga’s vehicle) instead of having the lion breathing down my neck which for so many years it did, til I woke up, and of course I slip and fall of the ride to embrace getting back up 🙂 i wish the same for you and will be teaching all this on my big yoga retreat event in september for Navratri – fancy riding Lions? book now places are filling up!

I hope you SEEk yr miracles of synchronicity and open to the mystery of life… with  l o v e , Michelle x