Powerful Feminine Mantra

My previous post on the power of Om  is considered the masculine bija or seed mantra, to the powerful feminine mantra  I share here. I’ve also just completed a 21 day sadhaha with the Goddess MahaMaya. This is a powerful Tantra Mantra that boosts your self-esteem, self-confidence and raises Shakti. 

The Tantra mantra is :

HRĪM̐ ह्रीं Hreem

powerful feminine mantra Hreem is the Tantric Om or AUM for the Goddess. Hreem is the bija which is a seed mantra of the Goddess, and can call al the names and forms of the feminine in.

Like Om, you can chant Hreem alone or within other mantras. Like Om Aim Hrim Shrim.

In my recent MahaMaya sadhana chanting Hreem became so powerful.

Hreem is made up of :

ह्रीं H : Ha  ह्  is absolute consciousness or Shiva.
ह्रीं R : Ra र is the creative aspect of the form Nature and Intelligence called Prakriti.
ह्रीं EE : Ee ी  is the ultimate Shapeless form of the Divine Mother Goddess with all her creative powers known as Mahamaya.
ह्रीं M : Mm ॅं  is the Bindu and dissolution of Maya back into the absolute.
The whole powerful feminine mantra as a bija creates a nada or sound of the Mother of existence.

Devi Gita on this Powerful Feminine Mantra

“All my worship can be performed with the mantra Hrim.
Of all the mantras, Hrim is considered as the supreme guide”

Benefits of this Powerful Feminine Mantra HRĪM̐ ह्रीं

Here are just some of the benefits ;

ह्रीं mentally calms the mind
ह्रीं becomes a magnet of positive feminine energy
ह्रीं empowers self-esteem
ह्रीं increases confidence
ह्रीं induces ecstasy and bliss
ह्रीं amplifies wisdom and truth

In my lineage of Sri Vidya HRĪM̐ or the phonetic I chant Hreem within the mantra I was given for the Goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari. In Sri Vidya the practitioner is called an upasika and our practice upasana. I’ve found chanting Hreem alone or within other mantras has truly awakened my Kundalini Shakti at the Muladhara chakra. I’ve learnt that it is essential to keep cultivating strong powerful roots to rise and not just asked upwards. the descent of Sakti is my primary practcie and Hreem anchors me into her.

In the last 21 days practicing in sadhana with MahaMaya and chanting Hreem has opened up new portals.

How I teach this powerful feminine mantra

I love to chant. I have bee chanting for over 20 years. In my previous post I shared how chanting has liberated my voice.

Recently I have been exploring chanting with in vinyasa and I also love the waves.

I chant the very simple Hreem and invite the feminine in within the powerful feminine mantra Hreem and also a hand gesture or Mudra of Yoni Mudra.

I also invoke within a vinyasa.

AND also combine with Om Shakti, Hreem Shakti.

Om Shakti Hreem Shakti calls in Shakti and awaken her on the inner love story.

Here’s a little video my husband filmed as we were walking our dog Kali (she has a look in). I had been practising by the ocean invoking Shakti as my husband and dog walked off. I felt such surge of Shakti I asked him to film what I practiced. Kali, my puppy could feel the energy and often comes and sits with me as I chant so of course the mantra magnetised her to me…

Embodying the Goddess through her bija (seed) syllable Hreem. Hreem is Feminine to Om. I’ve been practicing with the mantra and movement – try and see how this feels in your body 🔻

Posted by Michelle Cross on Monday, 13 May 2019


And You… just try this powerful feminine mantra

Chanti Hreem for 21 days and observe what unfurls within you and around you. I invite you to chant Hreem 108 times or for just over a minute and see.

Let me know what blossoms!