Ride your Lion

red your lion

So you may or may not have been to my classes, workshops or retreats where I talk about how to ride your lion, of course this is metaphoric!

I have always had a great affinity to Lions, or cats large and small, they are so majestic and regal, the purr is soothing as is the panting or growl, so let’s talk more about them in relationship to Navratri

Durga’s Lion

In the Devi Mahatmya, Durga’s great epic of how She conquered the demons, She enters the myth riding a lion. The myths  great message is about love and dharma, have no fear – and riding a lion, the king of the jungle you need to have no fear!

Ma Durga Ride your Lion

Durga rides a lion or sometimes its depicted as tiger, wielding her 10 weapons of consciousness that awaken different aspects of ourself.

in the last 3 days i’ve been sharing about Durga as Kali.


all of the  goddesses are revealing the many facets and faces of women, the goddesses are mirrors of you and your many faces.  Just like the moon goes through many phases, the moon is the motherly, nurturing feminine energy and so the phases are like the changin faces of women. thsi is the same as the goddesses. If goddess doesn’t resonate with you, look at the symbolism. I liken the goddesses to a diamond, with many facets, yet it is still one diamond in all its glory. Durga is the Divine Feminine, that has many facets in the forms of goddesses and theses goddesses are women’s different faces. Diamonds come to shine after immense heat and pressure as they rise from the centre of the earth. For the yogini honouring the feminine or coming to know her feminine side, your yoga is to turn up the heat and stand I the centre of the fire. If life throws you curve balls putting you under pressure, ride your lion, this is polishing you to shine, to evolve, to grow and shine your unique light like a diamond and the goddess that you are.

so…Back to Durga and lions

Durga comes into being, radiant, luminous,(diamonds) her body emanates sensual bliss and her eyes sparkle, no one has looked into them without falling in love – she’s been given different qualities and weapons from all the other gods and as she takes form she has a BIG POWERFUL furry animal between her legs, she’s riding a Lion – the king of the jungle/ or this case a battle. this Lion represents energy + sexual energy, for there is no difference. When she rides into battle she doesn’t fight or think what strategies am I going to use, what game are the demons playing, how am i doing, how are they doing this, shall i stop and write down all the possibilities so i am prepared? No…. this is the monkey mind, Durga rides her lion and she creates the game/battle, she is resting in her presence, as a lover of the truth and moves from this place, no need to analyse. She knows her purpose (dharma shakti) to reveal the truth and bring love. She is mirroring this to you, to help you ride your lion.

And she’s riding this animal with grace and she’s beaming love so radiant that it blasts open everyones heart. As she is all about truth, the power she has is fluid, moving, sensual. This is the Feminine, which  responds to fluidity and intuition creating expansion and freedom not the linear logical analysing that limits and contracts

Durga rides in presence, her yoni open, pulsating, throbbing and rooted, the erotic awakening in rhythm with the lion, her sex centre open, receptive and her solar plexus open radiantly outwards like the sun. The lower chakras in such harmony her heart is exuding love that radiates to the higher chakras

You can read more of her story here if you’ve forgotten then come back here for more about lions..

As you read at the peak of one of the battles as Durga rides her lion  she lets out roar (LIKE the  LION) and the heavens shake! this isn’t a reaction to the anger, She is feeling the roar of anger from deep within. the roar makes every one stop, pause…

Portals within

I love the shakti keys here, Durga is teaching us how to ride our own energy or shakti, rather than be rushing around loosing it. She’s teaching you how to raise your kundalini shakti and ride your lion

Think about a lion, does it run around looking for food, analysing every single option of how it might get this or say that and do this… no! it fixes its eye on the task, pauses, gathers all its energy and then boom with 108% effort goes for it!

Durga is the invincible one, the fortress, riding her lion

when Durga rides the lion she’s resting in her presence, that permeates outwards and attracts what is needed. She goes into the battle and yet she creates the game because she is resting in her presence. She knows her purpose and is one with the animal between her legs. Remember

Durga is a frequency, she is a frequency of you, so when you practice you align with this frequency – how BIG are you going to align? Or are you going to put it in boxes to categorize and limit. Durga is always here and much bigger than you can ever imagine…


What is truly important to you? What makes your heart beat? What do you love?

What do you wish to transform, what is no longer serving you? What is limiting your flow? Physically, emotionally, spiritually

where you put your energy good or bad, gods or demons, positive or negative that is what shows up in your life.

sit with this, don’t force it, be patient, allow yourself to receive the answers…

now Relax into what really matters to you, what you truly love – go there as if you are so committed you’d marry it with your whole being then you enter the frequency of Durga!

marry itBooooom!! Commit to that! And then you will be ready to ride your lion and embody and radiate a power that doesn’t overpower but empowers.

Let’s now begin to Ride Your Lion!

The lion is your teacher, just a Durga is…

  • teacher of  discernment, a knower of truth, seeker of authenticity
  • prana/energy / sexual energy – hot furry animal between her/your legs
  • powerful yet graceful
  • humble & content
  • alert – slows enough to stay awake, fully committed clarity – look through eyes of tiger with discernment

To ride your lion, you need to surrender 

This is what I teach in my Tantra workshops, or coaching, you begin to ride the energy, let it move you = swagger, sway,  and enjoy the ride!

Life is always throwing us tests or curve balls = when Lion/Durga throws you off to see how you react…You can choose to rest in your truth and ride or have a lion breathing down your neck!

Do you have power struggles with self? Partner? Children?

Or try to control things? 

You’re automatically contracting, causing more separation. This was and sometimes still is me, as i am writting this I am smiling! – I was a real control freak and yet these practices help me to soften the exterior and go within

Surrender is an essential aspect of the learning process in Tantra. There’s much confusion about surrender meaning submission, which is a passive attitude that implies giving up responsibility for one’s behavior, wanting someone else to do things for you.

Margo Anand  describes surrender like this….. ‘render’ = to melt and ‘sur’ means super or highest. surrender is to melt into that which is higher than yourself. You give yourself voluntarily to the highest aspect of your potential so that you can begin to grow into it. True surrender is a conscious choice made from free will. It means opening your heart and trusting the person you are with. 


ॐ are you ready to surrender the control and grip and ride your lion? ride the feminine fluid, powerful energy within you that is Shakti?

ॐ are you ready to let go of the masculine ways to linear thinking and begin to feel?

ॐ feel this big hot furry animal between your legs and let it move you, teach you? take you to new heights?

ॐ or are you going to have this hot furry beast panting down your neck?

This awakening of your feminine energy is the everyday energy as well as your sexual energy, there is no difference. The awakening of Kundalini Shakti is you awakening to the energy within you that has been awake all the time, arousing you to awaken. and this physical energy is the same as the sexual energy and so Kundalini awakening is the same as a full body orgasm…

now this energy can be in life, on your mat like i teach and also ladies in the bedroom, solo of with your lover… When I was having my long distance relationship with my lover before I married him, there were periods when I would not make love with him, my sadhana, my yoga practice evolved where I began to arouse my awakening when i was on the mat. that is why i teach feminine practcies, that are sensual to arouse and invite the senses awaken…

for me I love to surrender and become one with this energy, this sexual energy and let it move me to new higher states and then also have the panting or erotic energy being breathed on my neck by my lovers breath! mmmm now we are into a totally different realm left for my 1-1 sessions! for now if you wish to learn more about the practice on your mat then get yourself to one of my classes or events!

til then, ride your lion and enjoy the exploration! roarrrrrr!!!! 😉