As you know this year for me has all been about Honouring the Feminine, which is Shakti.


 :: What is Shakti?

A literal meaning of the word Shakti is “power” or “she who cannot be contained”. Although at her essence Shakti is beyond description, and paradoxically is essence itself, and this is something we sense or feel, not analyse

“Since there is no difference between the Shakti and the one who embodies her, Shakti is identical to the self “~ Vijnanabhairava Tantra

As a yogini, a feminine practitioner of yoga, I embrace and honour Shakti in all her guises. She comes as the power to create life, as a goddess and as the primal life force energy within you

She is the powerful pulsation, throb of the universe that is within everything in life, in your body, your mind, your yearnings. Shakti is you. Just as this stanza (verse) from the ancient VijnanaBhairava Tantra says. 




6 Secrets to awaken Shakti

I am studying with Lisa Schrader from the Awakening Shakti and she describes Shakti as:

S :: What is your relationship to the Sacred or the Source? how do you feel spirit? 
H :: Heart, the centre for loving. We are all a source of love. Drop into the heart
A:: Attraction and Allowing. are you receiving and magnetising what serves you?
K:: Kundalini at root of the body where Kunda (meaning bulb)resides, practices light you up
T:: Truth – do you speak your truth? this sets you free
I:: Intuition, Instinct. Feminine feels and as listen you intuitively and instinctly know from within

How does all of this resonate with you?

how does it touch you?

can you allow yourself to explore more?


Lisa goes on to describe it in symbols


The circle represents the upper chakras the circle is for wholeness, which is sacred. We as humans are in our body yet through our body awaken to that we are sparks of Divinity which is eternal. Through this eternal continuous of a circle we sense this deep knowing and honour the sacred, the spirit and speak from our truth and intuition.

  • How is your relationship to spirit?


the heart is the source of love. A woman awake to her shakti power dares to live from her heart which is open. This heart connects to her breasts, her feelings and the deep knowing that she is a source of love. This is love as a verb, so she is love, emanates love. Ask Yourself:

  • How is my relationship to love?


The downward facing triangle represents, the Divine Feminine, the Yoni, the source of life. She is grounded to earth and life and the kundalini Skati. The practices honour the yoni and attract what is needed for her to fully inhabit and honour her body. Through the body the feminine experiences pleasure, sensuality as a gateway to the Divine. Ask your self:

  • How is my energy?

these symbols allow you to check in where you are and bring them all to harmony and awaken Shakti!

all my offerings to work with me in person or online invite you into the portal of Shakti so if you feel the call allow yourself to bring forth pleasure and awaken your shakti… I’ll show you how

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Jai Ma!