Sisterhood and Women

s i s t e r h o o d and women is my theme for 2019 and as the year closes I am reflecting upon the exploration.

Each time a woman stands up for herself,

without knowing it, without claiming it,

She stands up for all women!

~ Maya Angelou

sisterhood and womenAcross the globe there is a shift blossoming, a new paradigm emerging where women are reclaiming the power that lives at the centre and expands outwards in all direction. As opposed to a linear ladder of hierarchy and making their way up to the top at the expense of themselves, others or anything.

Sisterhood and women for me invites, allows and gives women the tools to rest into their inherent feminine power that life sometimes pulls us away from.

My sankalpa (intention) theme for 2019 has been Sisterhood and I am reflecting on what has blossomed.

In fact I’m reflecting upon the decade and what I am grateful for, what has surfaced, transformed and what I’ve learnt.

wow 10 years ago at this very time I met my now husband and I also met Tantra! 

As a teacher, yet always the humble student my yearly sankalpa all ways takes me deeper. Everything leading up to 2019 has been about nurturing, supporting sisterhood and women; partly because when I first moved to Barbados I felt a huge split from the feminine due to the old paradigm of competition, achieving and pushing. I had left that behind in London for something new, but I didn’t receive that.

I chose sisterhood initially because I was taking a group of women on pilgrimage to India on my Shakti Vinyasa Yoga & Tantra retreat. Also this choice of my sankalpa nurtured my women’s moon circles that continued to blossom.

Then mid year everything got stuck and stopped(I’ll come back to this) I began to practice with a new Sankalpa – how can I be helpful? Soon I was guided…

And so the final part of this year, to close this decade I became part of a teaching faculty for a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training immersed invocation, ritual, embodiment, to align to the highest at our core that pulsates and offers outwards = miring the feminine. And even more this 200 hour TT every month 13 (for feminine) women gather. Super blessed and grateful. Sankalpa’s ‘do’ work when you release the attachment (I’ll be sharing more on this soon and in my January workshop  @ Bhuti Barbados)

I wanna talk about the stuck part

– especially in connection with sisterhood and women…

What I have learnt and come to understand;  when women begin to reclaim their feminine power, intuition and feminine essence that is inherently divine, their old way of being is going to surface so strongly. The old way will try to keep them small or stuck and in the old habitual patterns of starting at the bottom working to the top competing, gripping, pushing to be the best, achieve the most, be independent, to be the entrepreneur, to be any label you want to say.

These are the old social structures and conditions we’ve all known. Yet can you not see globally these structures, the social conditioning are all being bought down?

It is time! (Kali )

sisterhood and womenIf we, not just women, take time to pause and breathe, observe the shadow tendencies, practice to re-connect, re-calibrate, the Rebirth all ways arrives. And it’s a little less painful cos we are not resisting. I show you how in my Shakti Vinyasa or Tantra Yoga to cultivate a relationship with me initially that mirrors your relationship with yourself

Sisterhood and Women in Moon Circle

So back to my Moon circles, we took a break because no commitment to be present and attend circle was happening. All the women were being pulled in different directions by life family, work, partners. Then in November we at in circle together. The immense gratitude for sitting, listening, being  and sharing was immense.

It was the same upon my feminine Tantra yoga retreat. The Shakti was high, so much intention even ‘promise’ or maybe resolution made – and then life pulls each one away. I’kk be honest I feel grief for this, the loss of the relationship yet….

Me within Sisterhood and women

On my part, my role is to hold space for this exploration and rest in my centre like the Bindu and pulsate outward. As I rest in the feminine I’ll attract who seeks to connect and deepen relationships on this path, without efforting.

Sisterhood like the feminine will always be a huge part of my life. As we approach this new decade new thoughts, actions, ways of being are emerging and my new sankalpa is churning the inner alchemy, the marriage  of longing.