Sisterhood – the Powers of !

My theme for 2019 is:


I’ve discovered over the many years of practice that my life is given direction when I embody an intention or theme. Consequently, I go deeper in to me, my own sadhana (spiritual practice) my life, my work, and myself. I have more anchors and resources to call upon to support all those I come into contact with too.


2019 is a number 3 – This is perfect to embrace Sisterhood.

A 3 vibration is all about the ▽ Feminine , 3 phases of the moon, 3 phases of woman, the trinity. Sisterhood is all about honouring the feminine.

I have been sharing and honouring the Divine Feminine in my many blogs, so it is with great pleasure I theme this year
S I S T E R H O O D.

I  am personally ready to go deeper and hold space for women to enter the eternal circle of women and the power of sisterhood, because since 2013, I’ve been facilitating Moon Circles for sisterhood to blossom.

It is time for women to reclaim feminine ways of being, knowing, relating rather constantly gripping, grasping, pushing, striving to be seen and heard.

Through sisterhood women explore how to womb-a-fest deepest longings of love, intimacy, creativity, self expression for self, future generations and world

Sisterhood Through sisterhood we come to respect and honour the feminine, within ourselves and in others. This shifts the paradigm to the new.

Thus a woman receives on all levels, psychologically, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sexuality, through the power of sisterhood and women’s circles.

When a woman is given an invitation and permission and to dive deep beneath the surface, she opens up more. Consequently, She begins to courageously share her truth with the group of women, thus she taps into a wellspring of wisdom inside of herself.

This wisdom not only nurtures her, but all the women in the circle.

This wisdom I believe is what has been shared over 1000’s of years through the eternal circle of women.

Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it, without claiming it, She stands up for all women! ~ Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou expresses my own intentions as a Moon Circle Sisterhood Facilitator and Feminine Sensuality Coach. I view every woman as a goddess and actively assist women on the quest for personal empowerment, to own their stories and step into their feminine energy. How I offer this is to cultivate sisterhood and sisterhood circles.

Sisterhood brings us into right relationship within ourselves. This empowers us to then offer respect and reverence to create  Divine Union. This unity blossoms and shines within and all around rippling into the cOMmUNITY!

A woman’s chemistry

Traditionally, women would gather at the time of the New Moon, the dark skies to explore the power and the wisdom of their wombs. Consequently, the whole menstrual cycle and moon cycle is nurtured through sisterhood circles.

Within the circle of women, women receive the shakti key to unlock your own womb wisdom or woman’s wisdom within Sisterhood or womanhood, through trust and loving awareness.

Sisterhood Red Tent

Red Tent Barbados

Circles create a sacred container for women to just be who they are.

▽ Imagine space to feel, explore, be yourself – no judgments

▽ Imagine time to tune in, time to reflect, renew, receive – no demands

Imagine feeling clear, confident, and committed to your desires

Imagine this – yes this is why Women then feel good.

A woman’s body knows what she needs, the neuroscience reveals it. When a woman feels good, her confidence skyrockets because she releases feel good endorphins like oxytocin and seratonin. This counteracts the stress hormone cortisol that is so detrimental to a woman body. Women receive the resources she needs to cope more when stress does arise through sisterhood circles.

What does sisterhood offer?

Magic occurs when women gather and sit in circle, to share what’s really going on inside of their body, mind and their hearts.

Sisterhood - Red Tent BarbadosWomen come to circle for so many reasons:

  • to feel a part of something bigger,
  • to heal,
  • to enter ritual,
  • to learn and explore who they are,
  • to make new connections or find true friendships,
  • to let go of the old paradigm of competition, bitchiness, blame, shame
  • to release self-judgement and embrace self acceptance and self-love.


What do you seek? 

No matter what you’re seeking, are you ready to give yourself permission to receive many treasures from within the sacred circle of sisterhood?

My next blog I’ll share what we “do” in moon circles…

For now here’s what a sister wrote :

“I came on this retreat alone, but the connections I’ve made with the other goddesses is something I have never experiecned on any other retreat or in life. Michelle’s use of Tantra helped me to make life long friends. I would recommend Michelle’s retreats to every woman, it’s empowering, embraces womanhood and sisterhood….Just amazing!” Sherilyn Sibanda


I am so looking forward to diving deeper into Sisterhood, the Feminine and sharing with you this year!

Thank you.



Jai Ma!